Wear This Huge, Comfy Turtle Pillow To Know What It Feels To Sleep Anywhere

Do I want it? Yes. But do I need it? Also, yes.

Cover image via Shopee

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Sometimes it's nice to feel like you're wrapped in a hug and this cosy turtle pillow is the perfect solution — that doesn't require another human being

Wear it like you would put on a T-shirt and catch a little snooze. The turtle cushion lets you sleep in total comfort at any angle.

Image via Shopee

You can put it on before watching a movie or working at your desk (especially if your office air-conditioner is constantly making you freeze)

Or you can even wear it just to roll around on the floor

It's like having your own bean bag with you everywhere you go!

Image via Shopee

You can get it here on Lazada or Shopee.

Image via Shopee

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