This Bamboo Bed Sheet Is So Soft & Cooling, You Won't Want To Get Outta Bed

As if it's been washed for years.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. But the company did send the product to us for review upon request.

I've been on a hunt for the softest, smoothest bed sheet, anddd I think I've found one of my favourites so far

When it comes to a good bed sheet, there are three main things I look for:
1. Softness
2. Smoothness
3. Fitting

Y'know those old, probably torn up T-shirts you wear at home simply because they're so comfy and soft from all those years of washing? To me, that same rule applies to a good bed sheet.

I find that the best kind of bed sheet is the type that gets softer with every wash. The type that you might have slept on as a kid and has become so soft over the years, almost as if it's been washed for over 20 years (because it probably has). That is my favourite kind.

Finding a bed sheet that has all those factors hasn't been easy though. But The Joey Bamboo Bedsheet Set certainly lives up to those standards.

I was recently sent a set, along with the blanket cover, to test them and give my honest review.

If you haven't heard of them yet, Joey Mattress is a Malaysian-born company that started off by launching a foam mattress. You can read our review of it here.

They've since released a pillow, blanket, mattress protector, and the most recent — a bed sheet set and a blanket cover.

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The bed sheet set includes:
– A bed sheet (single/super single/queen/king)
– One or two pillowcases (depending on the size you order)
– A bolster case

The blanket cover is an add-on option sold separately.

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What material is it made of and why is it so soft?

Both the bed sheet set and blanket cover are made purely from bamboo fibre in the sateen weave.

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Before even washing them, the material was already extremely soft and smooth. But feeling it on my hands wasn't enough to make a judgment until I slept on it.

That same softness and smoothness did end up translating in bed as well. So if you already struggle with getting out of bed every day, they're probably gonna make it worse because of how comfy they feel. :P

Living in Malaysia, softness wasn't the only factor I was looking for — I also wanted a bed sheet that was cooling and this certainly was that

Some materials may feel soft initially but once you sweat, they can feel sticky and gross on the skin. I didn't have that issue with these. They felt airy and cooling to the touch.

The lightweight material also makes them easy to dry (even if you live in a condominium with moderate sunlight).

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Little details were carefully thought out when manufacturing the products.

Things like a hidden zip on the blanket cover so you don't feel the zip if you run your legs or hands against it when sleeping is a bonus.

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There's also a little Joey label in the corner so you don't need to always figure out which side is which.

And of course, the sheet comes with fitted grips on all corners to make it easier to fit the mattress, while the blanket cover has ties to keep the blanket in.

Image via Joey Mattress
Image via Joey Mattress

The bed sheet set includes a separate mesh washing bag, which is useful since the company recommends using it when washing the items.

Both items come in four different colours: ice blue, cream, graphite, and ice blue stripe.

For the ice blue stripe, you could flip it to face the plain blue or the striped side, depending on what you prefer.

Image via SAYS

One thing to take note of is that bamboo fibres tend to wrinkle but if you love that 'wrinkle-free' look, it can be easily fixed

The company didn't want to add anti-wrinkle chemicals because having chemical-free materials against the skin was more important than wrinkle-free sheets.

If you still want that 'crisp' look, they suggest two ways to minimise wrinkles:
1. Hang them out to air-dry – This will ensure that the fabric dries straight and minimises the wrinkles that appear.
2. If tumble-drying, take them out of the dryer 10 minutes before the drying cycle ends and lay them flat/hang them on a line to finish drying. This ensures that the fabric dries flat/straight.

Image via SAYS

The best thing is that the sheets and blanket cover have a 99-night trial. This simply means that if you don't love it, you can return it within 99 days and get a refund.

All returned Joey Bedsheet Sets will be given to the company's charity partners and are never resold.

You can get it or find out more on their website

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