7 Local Stores That Make Custom Tufted Rugs For Any Aesthetic

A rug is a vibe.

Cover image via @manimostudio (Instagram) & (Instagram)

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A tufted rug can add personality to any space, whether it's a statement piece or something a little more neutral

If you're thinking of giving your bedroom or home a fresh look, you can consider custom-making a tufted rug.

Check out these seven local Instagram businesses that can create personalised rugs to suit your aesthetic:

1. can customise rugs and they also have a variety of ready-made options. You don't even need to place the rug on the floor. Just request for one that can be framed up as wall art for a different look!

Check out their Instagram

2. Ruggie Ruggerson

Needing a creative outlet and as a way for her to cope with feeling cooped up all day, Rebecca, the artist behind Ruggie Ruggerson, started rug-making during the lockdown.

She now makes and sells personalised tufted rugs of different sizes. She also does tufted mirrors, photo frames, wall art, and cute rugs for pets to nap on.

Check out her Instagram.


For a statement piece or something a lil' quirky, check out RUGMEBUDDY. Some previous custom designs they've done are Cartoon Network's black and white checkered logo, Rick and Morty, a Ditto Pokemon, and a Nike sneaker.

Check out their Instagram.

4. Manimo Studio

Get your Pinterest-inspired rug custom-made by Manimo Studio. They do cute designs that'll definitely put a smile on your face and add a little touch of colour to your home. Some designs they've previously done include fluffy clouds, a mini garden, mushroom, flowers, and gingham prints.

Check out their Instagram.

5. Rugverse

The neat lines and details on some of these rugs are perfection! From manga series characters to '90s movies and cartoons, this is one local store to look to for customising statement rug pieces. 

Check out their Instagram.

6. Kapetto KL

Aside from rugs, Kapetto KL can customise designs for you to hang up on the wall as decor and they also do mug rugs and more. Whether it's a colourful piece, a neutral design, or a funny word/sentence, they can make something for any kind of vibe you're going for. 

Check out their Instagram.

7. Tuftn. Rugs

Funky is an understatement when it comes to Tuftn. Rugs. They've previously created everything from Pokemon and Studio Ghibli characters to sushi, SpongeBob, and abstract rug designs. 

 Check out their Instagram.

Aside from rugs, you can also freshen up your home with a plant, poster, or other home interior: