14 Rattan Home Decor And Furniture You Can Get Online That Won't Break The Bank

Storage ideas and more!

Cover image via Lazada & nurain_hasan/Shopee

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1. Seagrass rattan laundry basket / flower pot (RM6.49 - RM36)

These rattan-style baskets can be used for almost anything, whether it's to store away items or as a plant pot, they are super handy and affordable. 

They come in multiple sizes and can be placed anywhere in the home.

You can buy it on Shopee and Lazada. There are also smaller versions here.

2. Rattan storage basket with lid (RM35 - RM39)

Image via Shopee

Storage ideas don't have to look ugly. These pretty rattan boxes come in a variety of sizes and colours with lids to hide away the mess. :P

Use them for diapers, pads, toys, extra toiletries, clothes, or books - anything, really!

You can get them here or here.

3. IKEA FRIDFULL plant pot (RM24.90)

Image via IKEA
Image via IKEA
Image via IKEA

IKEA has a selection of different rattan items for the home, including these plant pots. Pretty and can make a great gift with a little plant inside. 

You can get it here.

4. Storage basket (RM25 - RM125)

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

You can never have too much storage. These rattan boxes can keep extra towels, toilet paper, or other items and can be placed at any corner of the house, whether it's the living room, toilet, or bedroom. 

They come in brown and white, with handles on two sides.

You can get them on Shopee.

5. Rattan mirror (RM56.90)

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

Give your home that Pinterest look with these pretty rattan mirrors that come in the shape of a flower or sun. A subtle addition to make your wall look fresh!

You can get it on Shopee.

6. Rattan tray (RM32.17)

Image via haideey/Shopee

This round rattan tray can be used to hold fruits, bread, teacups, candles, keys, skincare items, and such. Place it on your dining or coffee table, kitchen counter, or dressing table.

You can get it on Shopee.

7. Rattan hook hanger (RM35.63)

Image via Lazada
Image via Shopee

Why get regular hooks when you can get a rustic version? These rattan-style hooks can be used to hang your bags, clothes, or even plants. Super cute!

You can get it on

8. Rattan basket (RM27.98 - RM41.69)

Image via Shopee
Image via achu5/Shopee

If you're into plants or are looking for a new laundry/toy basket, these woven rattan baskets come in three different sizes. Great way to store items and cute addition for the home!

You can get it on Shopee.

9. Woven coasters and table mats (RM2.19 - RM13)

Image via Lazada
Image via ebay
Image via Emy L./Lazada

These aesthetic-looking rattan coasters and placemats come in a variety of sizes for you to place your cups, bowls, and other kitchenware on. Not too pricey, useful, and pretty!

You can get them on
Lazada or Shopee.

10. Rattan hanger (RM8.95)

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

These small rattan hangers come from Indonesia and are made with different shapes, including a rainbow, sun, and moon. A cute way to hang kids' clothes or ties, necklaces, and other undergarments. There are also regular rattan hangers available. 

You can get it on Shopee.

11. Japanese-style tatami cushion (RM26.48 - RM68.19)

Image via Farah K./Lazada
Image via mimi R./Lazada
Image via NOOR D./Lazada

Inspired by Japanese tatami cushions, these rattan versions can be used as cute seats on the floor or paired with a low table for hotpot. They come in different sizes, and some of the taller ones can also be used as a coffee or tea table.

You can get it here or here.

12. Rattan plant stand (RM94.05)

Image via ryokow/Shopee

These rattan stands are perfect for holding medium to larger-sized plants. Reviews say that although it's on the pricier side, it's sturdy and of good quality.

You can get it on

13. Rattan chair (RM229)

Image via Lazada
Image via

Rattan furniture company TITICANE makes tables, lazy chairs, stools, and more, including these gorgeous chairs. They sell their items on their website as well as on Lazada.

You can check it out here.

14. Rattan small table (RM204.90)

Image via NUR A.

Add this cute little rattan table by TITICANE to your home or balcony. It's perfect for you to unwind at over afternoon tea or on a quiet evening. 

You can get it on Lazada.

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