Malaysian Shares Hack To Get Pinterest-Worthy Pampas Using Pasar Malam Broom

Not bad.

Cover image via @farisaqlann_ (TikTok)

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So you wanna give your home that boho-chic vibe but you're also on a budget

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Sometimes we just want pretty things. I get it. Wipe your tears, fam, 'coz I've got some good news. 

You know pampas grass – those pretty, tall, dried reeds you see all over Pinterest as home decor?

A simple hack has been circulating on TikTok showing how to DIY them and they look legit.

TikTok user @farisaqlann_ posted a step-by-step tutorial using a broom, which you can get from any MR DIY, Eco Shop, or pasar malam.

Here's how to make it:

Step 1 - Grab a broom and use a pair of scissors to carefully snip off the band that attaches the strands to its handle

You can go for a lighter or darker broom colour, or a mix of both depending on your room's aesthetic.

Step 2 - Once you've unravelled the attachment, continue to snip off any threads that hold the broom together

Step 3 - Separate the strands and that's it!

You're left with really quick and easy-to-make 'pampas grass' that you can pop into a vase and display anywhere around your home.

Here's the final result:

Depending on the type of broom you get, you can also make it look fluffier.

Here's another version posted by @bellahishamudinn:

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