Woman Goes Viral For Her All-White Room Makeover Using Taobao Furniture & Decorative Items

The room is so fluffy! <3

Cover image via Yying Blings (Facebook)

Most of us were homebound in 2020, and it looks like we are gonna continue spending a lot of time at home this year.

To make home life a little brighter, a woman in Klang, Selangor gave her room a grand makeover!

Turning her room into an all-white fairyland, Yying Blings took to Facebook yesterday, 3 January, to share photos of her new room

"Welcome to my refurbished room. Here are the photos," wrote Yying.

"After preparing for over two months, I finally made my Instagram-styled bedroom dream come true. This is my first time giving a room tour, I hope you don't mind."

"In this post, I share all the furniture and decorations I bought from Taobao. You're welcome to have a look."

From furry bedroom slippers to an adorable toast plushie, white fluffy carpets, and wooden furnishings, Yying's new room feels like an Airbnb getaway

Speaking to SAYS, she said the entire makeover process took her three months. The contractors took one month to refurbish her wardrobe and flooring.

Yying said she spent around RM2,000 to buy all of the 'Instagram-style' decorative and utility items from Taobao. She spent another RM10,000 on the renovation.

"The wardrobe is remade by the designer. The wall is covered with wallpaper, which is the designer's idea. And the flooring is also the designer's choice," said the 25-year-old.

"I referred to Xiaohongshu (a Pinterest-meets-Amazon platform in China) for design inspiration, while some of the touches in the room are my own ideas."

Yying said that her wall is not painted white, but rather wrapped with wallpaper from Korea Wallpaper.

She said it was her idea to add illustrations of adorable vectors and female characters on the wall to give the room a sense of character.

When asked about her feelings for her new room, Yying said she is very happy, very excited, "It's like I am in a dream"

"After all, being able to make your dream room come true is a very happy achievement."

The reason I work hard and make money all this time is just to do the things I love.

Yying also has a projector in her room to binge-watch every drama series there is in the world.

Image via Yying Blings (Facebook)

In less than a day, her Facebook post went viral with over 7,500 shares

Meanwhile, a room tour video on her IGTV has garnered over 3,600 views.

Thousands of netizens tagged their friends in the comments section on Facebook, saying that they wish their rooms were as adorable as Yying's.

"I want to sleep over here," a person said in jest, while another told her friend that, "I hope that our rooms will be like this in the future."

"You should go Taobao to have a look. It really looks not bad," one netizen said while tagging a friend, to which they replied, "A lot of people do buy (their furniture) on Taobao."

Image via Facebook

Watch Yying's room tour video here:

To view the full list of items that Yying purchased from Taobao, visit here.

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