[PHOTOS] M'sian Student Reveals How He Transformed His 'Kampung' Bedroom For Under RM1,200

The entire project took him a mere two weeks to complete!

Cover image via Twitter @Haleem_Shake

Abdul Halim Asmungi recently went viral on Twitter for the modern makeover he gave to his kampung bedroom

Since tweeting it on 1 August, the comprehensive tweet revealing all the products Halim used for the major transformation has gained over 34,100 likes and 14,600 retweets.

This is what his bedroom looked like before:

And here's what it looked like after:

The entire project only took him two weeks to complete.

After learning that his university would only be reopening in March next year, Halim got to work reimagining his bedroom as an elegant living and workspace.

He revealed that he initially shared the room with his older brother, who has since moved to Sabah.

His first move? Why, browse through Pinterest of course!

Wanting to make his room fit for sleeping, working, and gaming, Halim searched for 'workspace bedroom' as the main source of inspiration behind the makeover.

On his blog, the university student mentioned that he opted for a dark blue and gold colour scheme.

Aside from adding a classy touch to the overall look of the room, Halim shared that the colour choice was also a practical decision.

By using these hues, he was more easily able to cover the dark brown wooden boards. It also made the spaces between each board less obvious.

Halim spent just over RM1,000 to redecorate his room, furnishing it with items primarily sourced from Shopee and IKEA.

Let's take a look at some of the the things he got:

1. Desk with book shelves

Image via Shopee

Halim brought over this wooden desk with black metal legs from the rented apartment he was previously staying at.

Price: RM134

Find it on Shopee.

2. Office chair

Instead of spending money on expensive imported gaming chairs, Halim instead opted for a plush secondhand one found on Carousell. 

A quick check on Carousell revealed that this exact model is no longer being sold, but you can reach out to the responsive seller.

Price: RM385

3. Portable speakers

Image via Shopee

These SonicGear Titan 2 speakers light up as well. 

Price: RM27.90

Find it on Shopee.

4. Curtains

Halim custom ordered lavish dark grey curtains for around RM45 per metre from GM Klang Wholesale City.

Price: RM40 for the rod and RM160 for the curtain and rings.

5. Carpet

After deciding against expensive vinyl flooring, Halim purchased a geometric-patterned 7ft by 5ft carpet from GM Klang Wholesale City.

Price: RM60

6. Printed tapestry

Image via Shopee

Halim got the 'Sun And Moon' hanging bedspread that definitely complements the theme he was going for.

Price: RM10.45 to RM30.94

Find it on Shopee.

7. Lights

Sticking with the geometric theme, Halim trekked to a light store in Puchong where he found these beauties.

Price: RM70 each.

Image via Shopee

No room would be complete without these fairy lights!

Price: RM4 to RM10

Find it on Shopee.

8. LED products

Image via Shopee

Colourful LED strip lights can be found in just about every TikToker's room.

Price: RM18

Find it on Shopee.

Image via Shopee

Meanwhile, these clocks light up with neon-coloured numbers.

Price: RM3.99 to RM23.99

Find it on Shopee.

Image via Shopee

Speaking of neon lights, here are a couple of interestingly shaped ones!

Price: RM20.92

Find them on Shopee.

9. Flower pots

Image via Shopee

This self-watering one is pretty cool, as long as you remember to add water in the first place.

Price: RM2.07 to RM10.20

Find it on Shopee.

Image via IKEA

Alternatively, you can get this colourful set of three pots.


Find them at IKEA.

10. Wall hanging shelves

Image via Shopee

These pretty much match Halim's desk!

Price: RM15.80 to RM23.80

Find them on Shopee.

11. Wooden pegboard

Image via IKEA

You can use this to hang up small items and keep them off your desk.

Price: RM99

Find it at IKEA.

As Halim has proven, you don't have to spend a fortune to give your room an exciting new look

Now, we can all become budget interior designers!

Image via GIPHY

You can check out Halim's full Twitter thread here:

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