[PHOTOS] A Stranded Bus Inside UM Campus Has Been Transformed Into A Cute AF Airbnb

The university had wanted to dispose of the bus that was stranded on campus grounds since 2013.

Cover image via Rumah No.2 , Universiti Malaya/Facebook , Rumah No.2 Universiti Malaya/Facebook

This old, decommissioned Universiti Malaya (UM) bus has been given a new lease at life

It is now a super chic, minimalistic Airbnb that's available for rent

The Airbnb host told SAYS that the antique bus had been stranded on the university's campus grounds since 2013

It was only recently given a complete makeover by two of UM's sustainability advocacy groups - Water Warriors and the Rimba Project.

"The idea to renovate and save this vintage bus came from UM's former deputy vice chancellor of development, Prof Dr Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan," Water Warrior member Siti Norasiah Abd Kadir told SAYS in an interview.

"And so it was converted into this cool living space!"

She said that if not for their initiative, UM had wanted to dispose of the bus.

This was what the bus looked like before the extreme makeover

However, after six months of planning and renovation, the bus has transformed into a fully furnished living space called Rumah No.2

"We were lucky that when the idea was proposed, the architects and engineers at UM's Department of Development and Estate Maintenance (JPPHB) were onboard with the idea," said Siti Norasiah.

An architect from JPPHB, Nurul Husna Abd Rahman, worked closely with a project officer from The Rimba Project, Nurul Fitrah Mohd Ariffin Marican, to turn the idea into a reality.

"And of course, a contractor was commissioned to complete the work based on the designs discussed by the team," Siti Norasiah further explained.

This is how the bus looks like now:

The converted bus now has a bedroom, kitchenette, and even a sitting area, that are all equipped with air-conditioning.

Parked against the backdrop of the UM campus, the upcycled guesthouse was made as green and sustainable as the team possibly could

On the inside, the environment conservation groups gave the bus energy-efficient LED lighting but also tried to allow as much natural sunlight to filter in as possible to avoid electricity wastage.

"We also have a water filtration system for the washbasin and decorated the interior using as many upcycled plastic products as possible," said Siti Norasiah.

As for outdoors, the team ensured the surrounding area remained as shady and inviting for visitors and wildlife - apparently it is a great place for birdwatching - as it was before.

"A tow truck was used to move the bus from the main campus and a crane was used to lift up the bus into the house compound. We made sure no trees were harmed in the process," said Siti Norasiah.

The team also planted an edible garden behind the guesthouse and encourage guests to help themselves to the vegetable and fruits as well as play with the host's rabbits and chickens in the backyard of the main house.

Siti Norasiah shared with SAYS that there were also initially ideas to turn the bus into a cafe, a library, or even a nursery for plants, but they finally decided to turn it into accommodation for rental

"[This] could help the team generate income for our environmental conservation efforts in the campus and for the outside community. The bus could also serve as a space for environmental education purposes since it is quite spacious!"

Lastly, she said that the bus also serves as a living museum for many generations of UM students to visit and travel back in time.

"It certainly has nostalgic values to former staff and alumni from the memories they've shared when we posted about this bus."

To find out more information about Rumah No.2, check out its Airbnb profile here or on Facebook.

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