[PHOTOS] 30-Year-Old House In Taiping Gets Extreme Makeover Into A Charming Airbnb

It even has its own dipping pool!

Cover image via Jiran 58 (Provided to SAYS)

Every home has the potential to be revamped and this rundown 30-year-old house in Taiping is no exception

Although it was in a dilapidated state, Siew Ling shared with SAYS that her sister, Siew Ping, decided to purchase this terrace home in hopes of turning it into a cosy guesthouse.

Within just three to four months, Jiran 58 became a charming homestay, thanks to their brother Derrick Chua who was the designer behind the revamp

Just look at its amazing transformation!

While some renovations completely tear down and restructure the building, we love how they retained a lot of the home's old school elements with a modern twist

Some of the elements, like rattan furniture, iron sliding doors, and tiles, make it feel like you're in your grandparent's house and gives it that homey feeling.

A good balance between modern and traditional!

It even has a dipping pool, which was built from scratch, and a pool table

An added touch for families with young kids or a group of friends.

The Airbnb is located in the heart of Taiping town and comes with four bedrooms, which can fit up to 12 guests comfortably

However, they only charge per head. So for example, if you have five family members, they will prepare the number of rooms accordingly.

There's also WiFi and a spacious living room with a 49-inch smart TV and Netflix - just in case. ;)

According to its Airbnb profile, there are several nearby shops within walking distance (about five minutes), such as 99 Speedmart, Taiping Mall, Taiping market (Pasar Baru Market), and Larut Matang Hawker Center.

You can also take a three-minute drive to 'Raintree Walk' at Taiping Lake Gardens and a five-minute drive to Taiping Zoo.

To book or to find out more information, check out Jiran 58's Airbnb profile here or on Facebook.

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