You Won't Believe What This Newly-Renovated House In Ipoh Used To Look Like!

It doesn't even look like the same place!

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Pause Ipoh is a newly-opened homestay in Taman Kampar, Ipoh, that stands out for its simple yet stylish interior

Image via Pause Ipoh

If you sense that it has charming old-school vibes

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It's because Pause Ipoh wasn't always the 'fresh', new home its visitors now know it to be

Image via Pause Ipoh

The 40-year-old house was bought last year by Cheryl Chan and Jason Low who fell in love with the home's vintage flooring and window grills. They spent two months putting in a lot of effort (and money) to renovate the house making it the homely and instagram-worthy place it now is.

Here are some pictures of Pause Ipoh before and after its renovation:

The entrance

Image via Pause Ipoh

The living room

Image via Pause Ipoh

"We did the rewiring for the whole house (aka cleaner surface) and painted the whole house white. We built a full-sized blackboard for guests to take photos with their own creations. We even replaced the doors for all rooms," Cheryl and Jason wrote on their Facebook page.

The dining room

Image via Pause Ipoh

"To make the second room brighter, we knocked off the concrete shelf above the window that's blocking the sunlight, and enlarge the window size. We replaced the louvre window with modern slide window for privacy (open from the inside) while giving better view of the tree from inside the second room."

It doesn't even look like the same house!

The kitchen

Image via Pause Ipoh

The backdoor

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The house now has much better ventilation and more natural light coming in. Due to the home's elevated ceilings and windows, every evening lights up the house with the glow of the sunset. And in the mornings, you can even hear birds chirping and water flowing behind the house!

The transformations of the bedrooms are pretty insane too

Image via Pause Ipoh
Image via Pause Ipoh

"The second room is the most headache room of all. It was dim (the before photo was taken after turning on fluorescent light) and the wall was too greasy to repaint. Our contractor has to apply some special treatment before repainting. We enlarged the window size to allow more natural light."

Image via Pause Ipoh

However, it was the bathroom that they spent the most effort on

Image via Pause Ipoh
Image via Pause Ipoh

Before its renovation, the toilet entrance was a measly 3.6 square feet which Cheryl and Jason found a little depressing. There was even a window that was at eye-level, making for a bit of an embarrassing showering experience.

"We decided to make it a bigger bathroom by combining them and flattening the whole floor on the same level. We also elevated the window to enjoy tree view during shower while keeping the privacy."

The main attraction of the house is its live tree planted in the dining room for a very specific purpose

Image via Facebook

The contractor was unable to remove the drain pipe that went along the wall of the dining area so they placed the tree there to draw attention away from the bare pipes and painted the whole wall white for a clever camouflage effect.

Pause Ipoh can be booked on Airbnb and comfortably fits six people

Image via Pause Ipoh

It was designed with both style and practicality in mind

It's the perfect place for a weekend getaway and inspiration for your next home deco project!

Have you started packing your bags yet?

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