This Hidden Gem In Malaysia Has Cool Weather And It Isn't Cameron Or Genting Highlands

The perfect quiet getaway for the holidays.

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Bring out your sweaters and escape the heat by heading to this quaint hill located in Taiping, Perak

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Bukit Larut, formerly known as Maxwell Hill, is the oldest hill resort in Malaysia – it has remained largely untouched and is not overly developed compared to popular spots like Genting and Cameron Highlands

As a result, nature has been left to flourish on this hill resort!

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This hidden gem may not have theme parks or malls, but it's the perfect place for those looking to just have a relaxed, quiet getaway instead

Nature-lovers can enjoy jungle trekking, bird-watching, taking a dip in the Burmese pool located near the foothill, or simply taking in the spectacular views while Netflixing. :p

Bukit Larut's virgin forests are brimming with wildlife like birds, squirrels, and gibbons who roam freely.

Burmese pool, Bukit Larut.

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It's the perfect escape for those looking for a simple vacation in cooler weather, as temperatures can range between 10 and 15 degrees

As you travel to the top, you will come across a large tea garden that was set up in 1887

Bukit Larut's tea plantation was eventually shifted to Cameron because tea leaves could not grow very well on the hill.

If you're keen on spending more than a day trip, there are cottages and bungalows available on the hill

They may not be typical luxury hotels, but most of the accommodations provide the necessities like a bed, bathroom, and light cooking facilities.

Bungalow prices can range between RM60 to RM200 per night depending on the size and number of guests.

Check out this site for places to rent.

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There are two ways to enter Bukit Larut: by taking a four-wheel drive or hiking

Option 1: Drive to the foot of the hill where a 4x4 vehicle will then transport you to the top for a minimum fee of RM10 per person. (UPDATE 2 Jan 2024: The 4x4 vehicle service has been temporarily suspended due to landslide risks. It is reported to be back in 2026.)

According to this review, you have to queue up to buy tickets especially during school holidays, as the tickets are sold by "first come first serve" basis and cannot be purchased online.

The ride will take about 30 minutes and runs hourly from 8am - 3pm (going uphill) and 9am - 4pm (going downhill).

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Option 2: You can also take a 3-4 hour hike to the top. The trail is about 13km long and has about 10 checkpoints for you to follow along the way.

Or you can opt to do both by hiking the first part of the trail and getting a four-wheel drive to pick you up at the third station (find out more info at the ticketing office).

Bukit Larut office: +605-807 7241/ 7243

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