[PHOTOS] Man Shares How He Turned His Old Bedroom Into An IKEA Showroom During MCO

Before this, he had been sleeping on the floor for the past five years.

Cover image via Twitter @FiqSaid

A Malaysian man turned his bedroom into an IKEA-worthy showroom during the Movement Control Order (MCO), and netizens are loving it

Twitter user @FiqSaid proudly posted the extreme makeover of his bedroom in a video on Wednesday, 15 April, and in less than two days, the tweet has gotten over 11,000 likes and close to 6,000 retweets.

"28 days worth of work during quarantine. The MCO got extended and IKEA is still closed," he tweeted, with pictures of his bedroom before and after the makeover.

The 34-year-old shared that he never had the time or money to redecorate his room, and has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor while saving up for the past five years

It was a coincidence that the MCO started just as he had finally saved up and planned to renovate his room before Hari Raya this year.

When contacted by SAYS, Fiq Said stressed that it was not a sudden splurge, but it took determination and patience to save up the money.

"I saved for five years to get all of that IKEA furniture. It was not a 'one night money drop' thing," the HR executive told SAYS.

In the video, he explained that he had most of the large furniture such as the loft bed and wardrobes already installed by IKEA just before the government announced the MCO.

Being stuck in quarantine, he decided to complete the makeover all by himself. He ordered the smaller pieces of furniture such as the laptop desk online and put them together in the first week.

He then spent the rest of the time scraping the old paint of his walls, ceilings, and window grilles, and giving them a fresh coat of white paint.

Fiq said he also assembled and drilled the shelves, as well as fixed the room lighting and wiring by himself.

And this was the final product of his hard work

Look at that loft bed, that space, and all that natural light!

Here are more before and after pictures for you to admire

He revealed more details about how he managed to pull it off as questions from curious social media users started to pile in

The tweet has over 6,000 replies, with many asking about where he bought his furniture from, and how much did it all cost.

So, he made a list of all the furniture that he had bought from IKEA and their prices:

- A Stora loft bed (RM1,299)
- A Malvik foam mattress (RM699)
- A three-door Songesand wardrobe (RM999)
- A Linnmon/Adils table (RM399)
- A Skalberg/Sporren swivel chair (RM129)
- Two Trofast storage organisers (RM146 each)
- Two two-door Aneboda wardrobes of which he couldn't remember the price because he bought them five years ago.

Combined with the paint and the other small pieces of furniture that he later added on, he said that he spent about RM5,000 to makeover his room.

"But if you're actually really hardworking, you do not need IKEA furniture for your room to be pretty. If you're lazy like me, then yes," he laughed while explaining to netizens.

It has to be worth it, as many more commented on how much they loved what he has done with his room

"This is so beautiful! And the plain white decor makes it look so pleasing," said a Twitter user.

"This is so inspiring!" said another user.

Meanwhile, this guy said the room was so pretty that it was moving him to tears.

Watch his viral video here:

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