These Malaysians Conduct Free Instagram Live Workout Classes During MCO

Cannot go gym now. But gym can come to you.

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Have you been snacking a lot lately? Has this Movement Control Order (MCO) got you looking less fit and a lot more chonky?

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Well, it's time to put that bag of Super Ring down and get back into a healthier routine, honey.

To start, here's a list of Malaysian Instagram accounts that are doing live home workout sessions during this period:

1. Tribe Boxing Studio

Feeling cooped up all day? Box your stress away by following one of Tribe's fun Instagram live workouts.

If you have a punching bag at home, then great! Otherwise, that's alright too because their instructors conduct shadowboxing sessions, which do not necessarily require a bag.

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2. Space Studio

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Sitting on the couch and bed all day can make you feel pretty lethargic. Yep, I feel it too.

Space Studio's live yoga sessions allow you to stretch and relax your body during this time at home.

Follow them on Instagram here.

3. Ministry of Burn

Mix it up and get a variety of different workouts like yoga and HIIT by following Ministry of Burn's routines.

They also include sessions for your abs, arms, and booty.

Follow them on Instagram here.

4. Hot Yo Studio

Every day at 6pm during this MCO period, Hot Yo Studio livestreams yoga classes on their Instagram.

Depending on your preference, they have listed multiple classes on their social media account.

Follow them on Instagram here.

5. Kuih Kapit

Yoga instructor Ang Charmaine is currently conducting live yoga classes on her Instagram five days a week until the end of MCO.

She has also uploaded several routines that you can already follow on her feed.

Follow her on Instagram here.

6. Fly Project

It can be tempting to roll back into bed, but trust us when we say that your body will thank you after a good workout right now!

Fly Project has HIIT routines twice a day that will get you sweaty, release those endorphins, and possibly even help you sleep better.

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7. Urban Spring Pilates

Urban Spring Pilates runs live barre, pilates, and yoga classes on their Instagram. And will soon transition to Zoom classes.

They also post one to two-minute stretches on their feed for you to start and end your day well.

Follow them on Instagram here.

Other than doing workouts, you can also try out some of these recipes at home:

Or support one of these homegrown businesses during this time:

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