Is Your Birthday Coming Up? Here Are 7 Ways To Celebrate With Friends While In Quarantine

Can still have fun with friends while being home.

Cover image via YesIWantIt & UrbanDiversion

So you probably didn't expect your birthday to look so different this year

Trust me, I feel you. 

Although your birthday plans have to be temporarily on hold for now, there are still ways to make it a special day!

We put together a list of suggestions on how you can celebrate while remaining under quarantine:

1. Treat yourself or your family to your favourite meal or dessert and have it delivered to your doorstep

Image via Inside Scoop

Don't let being home keep you from enjoying a fancy slab of steak or your favourite cake

There are plenty of restaurants in Klang Valley that are doing deliveries right now, including Table & Apron, Maria's Steak Cafe, and myBurgerLab.

You can also order yummy cakes from Cake TogetherEat Cake Today, @itsbakedbysuli or from ice cream parlours like Inside Scoop.

2. Organise a group online game session like Houseparty or Jackbox with your closest friends

Image via SAYS

Some fun apps and websites where you can play group games are:

- (similar to Pictionary)
- Houseparty has several options
- Secret Hitler

Here's a list of free online games we put together that you can check out.

3. Plan a movie night or marathon of your favourite shows

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Dim the lights, grab snacks, and get cosy with your favourite movies.

You can revisit old shows, such as The Parent Trap, Mean Girls, Mrs. Doubtfire or do a whole Marvel marathon.

 and Get Out are great movies to watch if you're into psychological thrillers. Whatever your genre is, go for it.

You could also start a Netflix party, which allows you and your friends to watch shows at the same time while everyone is in their own homes.

4. Cook something special or treat yourself to your fave meal and have it delivered to your home

Image via myBurgerLab/VCR

Do a fun activity like make pizzas (myPizzaLab supplies cooking kits), or get creative in the kitchen and whip up a dessert. 

Most restaurants have started doing deliveries so you can also opt to order a special meal for yourself. You deserve it. <3

5. Make it a self-care day with your own personal spa and/or pedi-mani session

Image via Lagomar

You've worked hard all year. Now is time to pamper yourself. Light some candles, run a bath, do a scrub, or wear a facial mask. Whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed, do it!

After all, you deserve it.

There are plenty of local online stores that are selling skincare products. You can start by checking out this Malaysian online store.

6. Host a quarantini party - everyone makes their own creative cocktails via Zoom, Skype, or Discord

Image via Urban Diversion

Get your close friends or family members to make their own cocktails and throw a virtual happy hour evening.

Choose a platform where you can all hang out together while each person makes their own drinks. If you're not in the mood for online games, you can even play drinking games through Skype, Zoom, or Discord.
If making cocktails sounds like too much work, you can also get chilled drinks delivered to your doorstep.

You can order from, WhollySpirits, and Kenshin KL.

7. Host a fundraising drive where people can donate money into a charity of your choice

If friends are asking you what you'd like for your birthday, you could get them to donate money to a charity instead of getting you actual presents.

You could donate the money to local projects like food drives that are helping those struggling during this pandemic.

SimplyGiving also has a list of online charities that you can help.

Or how about treating yourself to something nice from one of these homegrown online shops:

Check out these restaurants where you can order a delicious birthday meal: