Here's How You Can Help Others Affected By The MCO While You're At Home

Local author Hanna Alkaf has created a website to make it easier for the public to donate.

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While we are quarantined at home with sufficient food to last us for days, let's not forget many less fortunate people cannot do the same

Being out of jobs and having no money to buy food supply in bulk, these marginalised people are at great risk of contracting COVID-19 or worse being forced to endure hunger during this two-week-long nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO).

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In light of that, local author Hanna Alkaf started #KitaJagaKita, which sets out to urge the public to donate to the marginalised groups in this trying time

In a tweet, the author of The Weight of Our Sky said that she felt helpless amidst the MCO and wanted to help people in need as well as medical officials working at the front lines.

Thus, within a day, Hanna along with the team behind #PulangMengundi created a COVID-19 help relief directory called #KitaJagaKitaIn it, there is a list of verified organisations and campaigns that desperately need our help amidst the MCO.

To simplify the process for you to help others, here are the summaries of eight charitable campaigns featured on #KitaJagaKita:

1. COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund is a campaign organised by MERCY Malaysia.

The campaign's objective is to support low-income families and the underprivileged in Malaysia amidst the MCO.

At the time of writing, the campaign has accumulated almost RM33,000 of their RM50,000 target.

MERCY Malaysia pledged to distribute virus protection products to local community centres, where many of them house elderly citizens and at-home patients.

You can find out more information and make a donation to the cause here.

2. COVID-19 Pandemic Fund

Image via MERCY Malaysia

Another campaign organised by MERCY Malaysia is COVID-19 Pandemic Fund.

In a statement made available to SAYS, the organisation said since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, they have been donating masks, sanitisers, and personal protective equipment to the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA).

They also said the Ministry of Health charges RM40 to people who tested negative for COVID-19. They aim to cover the cost for the people in need so that they will not be discouraged to get tested.

You can find out more information and make a donation to the cause here.

3. The Lost Food Project

The Lost Food Project is the pioneering food bank in Malaysia that rescues surplus food, reduces waste, and fights hunger.

In their latest challenge, they said they are receiving distressed calls from vulnerable charities concerning food supplies.

"We provide 56 charities with food weekly. They, in turn, are feeding (over) 6000 pax every week," the NGO wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday, 18 March.

"Some of these people are the most vulnerable in our society. This is a very worrying time for them, the charities, and us."

You can find out more information and make a donation to the cause here.

4. Tabung COVID-19: Bantu Jiran Kita

Image via KitaFund

Tabung COVID-19: Bantu Jiran Kita is a campaign started by the 2019/2020 Mrs Malaysia World, Priyaa Simmi, according to the fundraising page KitaFund.

The campaign aims to distribute supplies to families affected by the MCO around Malaysia. It stated that each needy household will receive RM100 worth of goods and it targets to benefit 500 families.

At the time of writing, the campaign has received over RM23,000 from 282 donors. They need your help to achieve the RM50,000 donation target.

You can find out more information and make a donation to the cause here.

5. Pit Stop Community Cafe

HELP US HELP OTHERS Dear friends, supporters and contributors, There is no easy way to say this. We need your help...

Posted by Pit Stop Community Cafe on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Pit Stop Community Cafe is calling for food, non-food items, and cash donations to ensure that the poorest and underserved among us can still receive basic necessities amidst the MCO.

In a Facebook post published on Wednesday, the community cafe said they need the public's help to pull through the MCO as they can no longer conduct dine-in and semi-buffet dinner services.

"We need bottled drinking water that we can hand out, more cleaning items to ensure our volunteers stay safe, and funds to remain afloat during this time," wrote the social enterprise.

"Since we began serving our street clients almost four years ago, we have always relied on you, the individual, the one person, who wants and knows they can help another person, to invest in us, to support our endeavours."

You can find out more information and make a donation to the cause here.

6. ​Rakyat Tolong Rakyat

Selagi boleh bantu... kita bantu. Bantuan awal barangan keperluan asas yang di sampaikan untuk 1090...

Posted by PUAK Payong on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Rakyat Tolong Rakyat is organised by NGO PUAK Payong. The campaign was announced on Facebook on Wednesday and the objective is to help students stranded in Universiti Putra Malaysia.

They aim to provide food and other basic needs to 1,090 students who could not return to their respective hometowns because of the MCO.

You can find out more information and make a donation to the cause here.

7. Buku Jalanan Chow Kit

Buku Jalanan Chow Kit is pleading for the public's donation to help 50 families living in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur.

"These parents (recipients) are casual day workers who earn less than RM30 daily. Without work the next 14 days, they will not be able to feed their families," said Hanim Seymour, the organiser of the cause.

Hanim is welcoming food and dry goods as donations on Friday, 20 March. The donated items will then be repackaged before being distributed in Chow Kit.​

You can find out more information and make a donation to the cause here.

8. Support the union for private sector employees working in government hospitals

In a tweet published on Monday, 16 March, Kesatuan Pekerja Swasta Hospital Kerajaan, a union for cleaners working in government hospitals, said that workers in the B40 group cannot afford to stock up on everyday items, such as toilet paper, milk, and canned food.

Hence, they are currently seeking public donations to buy basic necessities and masks for their members who work tirelessly throughout this crisis.

You can find out more information and make a donation to the cause here.

9. Caremongering Malaysia - Community Response to COVID-19

Caremongering Malaysia - Community Response to COVID-19 is an initiative set up by Joe Mathers yesterday, 19 March.

Its objective is to stop the spreading of frightening reports about the MCO and start sending out more positivity.

To achieve that, Joe said volunteers can help people in need by running errands, such as shopping for groceries and medicines, delivering food aid, donating blood, supporting NGOs' activities, and more.

Joe created a help-response system with the use of WhatsApp and Google Maps. He is urging more volunteers to join the community effort to help those who are affected by the MCO.

You can find out more information and make a donation to the cause here.

BONUS #1: Malaysian CARE, CREST Malaysia & REACH Malaysia - COVID-19 Response and Relief

Malaysian CARE, Crisis Relief Services & Training (CREST) Malaysia, and Relief Emergency And Crisis Help (REACH) Malaysia have joined forces to look for donors to buy essential goods for the B40 groups.

Speaking to one of the spokespeople of the campaign, it is learned that the initiative covers the entire area of Klang Valley. They are also currently looking for volunteers to deliver the goods to people in need.

You can find out more information and make a donation to the cause here.

BONUS #2: CzipLee Group - Project Shields On

A stationary chain with four outlets in Malaysia, CzipLee Group started an initiative yesterday, 24 March, to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) to medical front liners.

With a contribution of just RM10, CzipLee Group will purchase a face shield and donate it to the hospitals that need it the most.

In an update posted today, 25 March, CzipLee Group said that they have collected over RM16,000 of their RM60,000 target.

You can find out more information and make a donation to the cause here.

You can also show your support to these local restaurants with delivery and takeout services during this MCO:

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