Celebrity Trainer Shares 10 Random Household Items You Can Use To Workout During MCO

Celebrity trainer Jordan Yeoh has been actively sharing tips of how to workout at home since the beginning of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

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Have you been sitting all day at home and slowly turning tubby during this Movement Control Order (MCO)?

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While all the gyms are closed and Malaysians are not allowed to jog outdoors, it does not give you an excuse to stop exercising

Proving to himself that the COVID-19 pandemic does not stop him from staying fit, celebrity trainer Jordan Yeoh has taken to social media daily to show his fans that there are many items at home that can be used to mimic gym equipment.

Yeoh said this photo is to show people that there is no excuse to stop exercising during the MCO. However, this photo is for illustration purposes only.

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In fact, Yeoh told SAYS that the MCO is the best time for many people to start working out because many of us are working at home, which in return, gives us more spare time as we no longer need to commute to work.

To get your workouts going this quarantine period, SAYS has compiled all of Yeoh's unique routines that use random appliances around your house

Yeoh said that all the techniques you see in his Facebook or YouTube videos are viable methods to train your muscles.

"Obviously, I have tried all the (routines) myself first and if I feel that they work, then and only I will share them online," Yeoh explained.

1. Water bottle

Prior to the MCO, water at the gym is merely the substance we drink during the in-betweens to rehydrate ourselves.

But now that the gyms are closed, they are great to be used as weights when stored in a bottle. Furthermore, you can control the weight by simply increasing or decreasing the volume of water.

Yeoh has repeatedly used a 6L water bottle as a makeshift barbell to train his chest or biceps

2. Socks

With just a little bit of reduction in friction, a pair of socks is a great item to train your abs.

Yeoh shared 11 abs workout tricks by just sliding your socks-covered feet on a smooth tile surface.

The tricks do not even require you to own a yoga mat, yet you will be able to do many workouts such as climbers and hip lifts.

He also shared a trick of wearing a pair of socks on his hands so that he can train his chest by sliding his hands inwards and outwards in a push-up position.

Some of Yeoh's five million Facebook fans said this is his most inventive home workout method, while some added that the floor would be sparkling clean after the workout.

3. Luggage bag

Whether if it is used as weights for a back workout or merely an obstacle for a cardio workout, Yeoh shows that luggage bags are a great makeshift cable machine and aerobic step at home.

4. Towel

Yeoh told SAYS that towels are arguably the most useful home workout equipment because by simply adding some tension to it, you can make a curl movement and start building muscles.

In several videos, Yeoh shows that even if there is no weight, you can use your legs to step on the towel to create an opposing force to the grip of your hands on the towel. The harder you step on it, the more intense your workout will be.

Yoeh has demonstrated that a towel can be used in many body part workouts, such as the back and arms.

5. Child

A five-year-old toddler can weigh about 15 to 20kg.

While Yeoh said that his daughter is not regularly part of his home workout routine, but it is always fun to include her.

"She loves (being involved in my workout) because it is like a human slingshot or roller coaster. It is very exciting for her," Yeoh shared, adding that such a workout routine can make little children happy.

6. Firm pole

In a video, Yeoh said that back muscles are one of the three most important body parts that everyone must train.

The celebrity trainer shows that by hooking a towel over a firm pole at home, you will be able to your train back by pulling yourself against the wall.

This makeshift workout mimics the cable machine at the gym.

7. Water bucket

Water buckets are Yeoh's second favourite workout equipment at home. It is the perfect replacement for a barbell, so much so that he said working out with a water bucket is "as good as working out at the gym".

Yeoh has shown that it can be used to train your shoulder, biceps, and triceps

8. Chair

A simple platform raise can change up the muscle region you train, and chairs - like benches and aerobic steps in the gym - do the same job.

Yeoh uses chairs to perform upper chest and thigh workouts. 

9. Sofa armrest

In need of a bench to train your triceps or back? Yeoh said your sofa armrest is a great replacement.

If you are looking to train your back, watch this video where Yeoh demonstrated how to curl a water bucket without spilling.

10. Leg

Perhaps most bizarre of them all on this list is legs.

On his YouTube channel with over two million subscribers, Yeoh shares that when there are no towels nor water buckets at home, everyone can still pick up their legs and curl.

"This looks like an awkward position but it is pretty effective. Give it a try. It is all about variety to spice up your training so that your training won't look so boring," said Yeoh while demonstrating the method.

"So many things you can do at home. Remember to keep training because the only bad workouts are the ones that did not happen," said Yeoh

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