This Man Impressively Turned His Bedroom Into A Spaceship In The First 5 Days Of MCO

While I've just been watching TV and eating chips.

Cover image via Ahmad Fathil Zakaria/Facebook

Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) started last Wednesday, 18 March, a Malaysian man thought it was the perfect time and opportunity to give his bedroom an extreme makeover

In a Facebook album called COVID-19 Season Extreme Decoration, local artist Ahmad Fathil Zakaria showed step-by-step how he transformed his room into a childhood dream come true - a spaceship control room.

Since it was shared yesterday, 22 March, his impressive intergalactic artwork has already received over 17,000 reactions and been shared over 45,000 times on Facebook.

First of all, Fathil showed what he had to work with - the original state of the 68-sqft room that he "couldn't bring himself to look at"

"Okay, don't laugh, this is what the room originally looks like. So shabby. Things hanging here and there," he wrote in a caption.

Then he got to work, putting pen to paper to draw sketches and plans he had for the room, from its four walls to the ceiling above

Then, he transferred those sketches onto his bedroom walls

He explained that he had to draw the cockpit in chalk and get the right perspectives to successfully make it look three-dimensional.

Next, Fathil started to colour them in with paint

"Ta-da! A done doorway. I feel like I could just walk into another dimension," he said.

He then covered the control panels with plastic and tape so that he could continue painting the landscape beyond the spacecraft

"This is the best part!" he said, saying that the room had already began to make him feel like he was in a Hollywood movie, and that he was excited to work on the planets and galaxies he had in mind.

And to top it all off, he added LED light strips to complete the effect of being in the most stellar vessel in outer space

Here's his completed spaceship control room and his three-year-old daughter clearly enjoying the space too

He also later decided to switch the bed out and bring his work tools in to inspire him for his next art job.

We're sure he must have felt this way when everything was done

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