17 Hilarious Memes And Responses To The Toilet Paper Shortage During COVID-19

No need to be so kiasu, guys.

Cover image via Oriental Daily & Twitter @elonmusk

Toilet paper has all of a sudden become quite a big deal

Toilet paper supply recently ran out in a supermarket in Penang.

Image via Oriental Daily

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, countless of supermarkets have had their shelves emptied, while the public scrambled to stock up on precious rolls of toilet paper.

Some customers were seen fighting over it. Others were arrested for robbing stores for it.

And several even tried to make a quick buck by stocking up and reselling them on Facebook.

But what's with all the panic-buying? And why have people become so kiasu about butt-wipes?

There are several potential reasons:

- Rumours circulated that China might use toilet paper to make masks, implying that there may not be enough supply for the rest.
- Herd mentality - monkey see, monkey do. Even if they're not sure why they are doing it, people are buying just in case the country goes into lockdown. So at least they'll have enough supplies to survive.
- Covoravirus has flu-like symptoms. So self-explanatory, toilet paper for flu.

Licensed psychologist Dr Christina Hansen said that it is merely a response to fear. People turn to what they can control.

"I can control buying toilet paper, I can control buying too much water, but I can't control that this virus is now in [xx country]," she said, according to ABC7.

In the midst of all this, though, the Internet has come up with hilarious responses to the toilet paper shortage.

Here are some of our favourites:













Jokes aside, though, you don't need to stockpile on toilet paper

Health experts have shared that hoarding supplies will only add to the problem, especially when those who really need items run out of stock; for example, clinics and hospitals need surgical masks.

Just continue to take precautionary measures like washing your hands with soap and water:

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