Netizen Goes Viral For Showing How To Make A Kitchen Island With Only 4 IKEA Products

Because who doesn't love extra kitchen workspace?

Cover image via Twitter @yatt_azml

A Malaysian woman has drawn attention for a kitchen island she put together for extra workspace in her small home

"Wishing for a kitchen island but don't have a big enough kitchen? And also don't have enough of a budget? It's okay, just DIY," wrote Twitter user @yatt_azml.

"I made this all on my own with things I bought from IKEA. Spent less than RM300. Cheap right?"

In earlier tweets, she said she had always wanted more counter space but could not afford to get the islands saved in her wishlist.

She was eyeing two from IKEA that cost between RM1,500 and RM2,000.

So, she customised her own and shared how she did it with only four items from IKEA

"I'm sure a kitchen island like this is the dream of every woman or wife. So, for you husbands who don't know what gift to get your wife in the future, prepare this for her," she happily shared.

As shown in her screenshots, she bought these items for a total of RM313:
- A set of Capita stainless steel table legs,
- Skydd wood treatment oil,
- Two Lamplig bamboo chopping boards, and
- A Kallax shelving unit.

She added that the dimensions of the kitchen island she made are 86cm in height, 92cm in length, and 53cm in width.

"Since we are using a chopping board as the top of the island, it is important to get the treatment oil," she explained.

"The oil stops the board from spoiling and breaking so quick. Just wipe the oil on the wood with a piece of cloth at least once a month. But if you use it more often, wipe it once a fortnight."

She also bought L-brackets and screws from a hardware store for RM3 per piece to firmly fix the chopping boards to the shelves.

For those who wanted the exact look, she said the dark brown baskets sitting in the shelves are an addition

"For those who are asking, I bought this from IKEA too," she tweeted, sharing a picture of the Branas rattan basket at RM59 per piece.

In total, we counted that she spent about RM440 to make this island and it looks like a really good workspace!

The post has been retweeted over 5,000 times and gained close to 10,000 likes with netizens loving the extra counter space

"Love! This is so creative," complimented a user.

"I've bookmarked this post. I, too, have a small kitchen and think this would fit just right," said another.

While another said, "At first glance, it looks like ready-made one but I've never seen a kitchen island design like this in IKEA. Budget-saving and creative!"

You can check out her full Twitter thread here:

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