This 'Magic' Eraser Removes Unwanted Hair Without Any Pain

No need to shave or wax anymore!

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. But the company did send the product to us for review upon request.

This hair 'eraser' recently popped up on one of my Instagram ads promising a pain-free way to remove unwanted hair.

It sounded too good to be true, so I had to test it out.

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Puff is a local company that claims to use "Nano Crystalline Glass technology to remove body hair easily, quickly, and painlessly in just five minutes".

How to use it is simple. Just rub the Magic Hair Eraser & Exfoliator in small circular motions on any unwanted hair and it 'magically' removes the strands.

The tool is reusable and is said to not leave any ingrown hairs like shaving sometimes does.

I had my doubts for sure, but surprisingly, it worked!

No shaving, no waxing — just this 'crystal hair eraser' that magically removed the hair.

Okay, not really magic lah.

Here's the 'science' behind it: As you gently rub the smooth stone-like surface of the Puff on the skin, it clumps the hair strands together and breaks them from the skin's surface.

Image via SAYS

Here's a video I took testing it out on a friend's leg hair:

As it promised, it didn't hurt one bit. I tried it out on my arm hair as well and here's the result:

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

According to the instructions, you can use it on dry or damp skin. If you use it on damp skin (which I recommend), it also helps to exfoliate! Kinda similar to how these Korean exfoliating cloths work. 

Check out the video below to see how it exfoliated my dead skin and rubbed it off like an eraser:

Overall, I was very impressed by it and would recommend it if you don't want to shave or wax anymore.

If you use an epilator, this is definitely a wayyy less painful hair removal method.

Some other things to take note of:
– You don't need to charge it or anything since no electricity is involved. Just rinse the tool after you're done. The Puff claims to be reusable for up to a year. Although, if you're not able to use it after a year, I'm not sure how 'cost-friendly' it'll end up being in the long run and using an epilator might be better for the price.

– It seems to work best on medium to long hair strands. So if the hair is too short or still growing out, it may not be as effective or you might want to wait a bit longer for it to grow out before using the tool.

– On coarser hair, you might need to apply a bit more pressure as you rub in order for it to work. For me, it worked best on my leg and arm hairs, but not on armpits, unfortunately (also, I don't think rubbing an armpit excessively is good for the skin in the long run).

– If you're on the hairier side, it might take a bit more time and effort compared to just shaving. But since it serves as an exfoliator as well, you could do it as you shower and kill two birds with one Puff. :P 

On the other hand, you do end up saving time by not needing to book a wax salon appointment or deal with the pain of epilating. Plus, my skin did feel real smooth after exfoliating!

The Puff comes in either black or pink, and costs RM89 for one or RM159 for two with free shipping included for both

If you want to get it, check out their website or Shopee store for more information. 

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Image via SAYS

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