It's 2020 - A Great Time To Buy A Shark Plushie That Can Swallow You Whole

The perfect present doesn't exi...

Cover image via Village Vanguard

Do you sometimes feel like life is meaningless? Or that you're just floating around wanting to shut off from the world?

Village Vanguard, an online Japanese store, came up with an effective solution for this - by making huge shark plushies that can swallow you whole!

Tired of the noise around you? This plushie will comfort you in its large cosy mouth.

The sharks come in different sizes with plenty of ways that you can enjoy it, such as letting it bite your arms...

... your head ...

... Or even your whole body

They also sell versions that can double-up as a pillow or sleeping bag for a tiny human.

They come in blue or grey with prices that start from JPY19,800 (RM743)

Image via News.Nicovideo
Image via News.NicoVideo

A little steep for a plushie but we found a cheaper version on Lazada.

Image via Lazada

If sharks aren't your thing, try resisting the world's squishiest seal:

Here are more quirky presents to gift someone:

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