You Can Now Own The World's Roundest Seal As A Squishy Pillow

Which one is real?

Cover image via Felissimo

A popular seal in Osaka, Japan is showing us what it truly means to be 'chonky' and unafraid to flaunt it

Meet Yuki-chan, Aquarium Kaiyukan's resident ringed seal.

Image via Reddit

The aquarium may be home to plenty of marine life, however, the chubby female seal often steals the spotlight

Inquirer.net revealed that the aquarium received an influx of visitors after Yuki's photos went viral online late last year.

She's been melting visitors' hearts because of her unusually round figure that makes her look like a steamed bun

According to the aquarium, she looks extra plump because she likes to tuck her small head in while sleeping.

Kyodo News explained that she does this to prevent her neck from feeling cold.

And now, the ball of cuteness has inspired a Japanese online store – Felissimo – to sell a life-like plushie of the seal in all her blubber glory

Image via Felissimo
Image via Felissimo

She comes with flippers, a tail, and even a cute snout!

Image via Felissimo
Image via Felissimo

Apparently, Yuki-chan has a fellow seal friend named Arare-chan, who also has a plushie in its name

Arare-chan is the oldest ringed seal in the aquarium and has long been known for its sweet smile.

Image via Felissimo
Image via Felissimo

The pillow costs JPY6,700 (RM266). Not exactly cheap, but looking adorable always comes with a price. :p

You can get the plushies here and here.

In the meantime, we'll leave you with this adorable video of Yuki-chan getting 'booped':

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