These Pillowcases On Shopee Let You Get Into Bed With Your Fave K-Pop Idol Or K-Drama Star

No more crying in bed.

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Never in your wildest dreams would you have imagined that you can sleep with your favourite Korean star.

But now you can.

A store on Shopee is selling pillowcases with prints of popular Korean drama actors/actresses and K-pop stars to turn your dreams into reality.

For under RM30, you can cosy up with Gong Yoo or Hyun Bin...

... cuddle Kim Nam-Joon or Lisa

Or even kiss Park Seo-joon or Song Joong-ki's lips goodnight

Without needing to fight any other rival characters over them.

You may not be able to run your hands through Kim Seon-Ho's actual bed hair, but at least you can admire it next to you all night long (along with those gorgeous dimples). ;)

Let's just hope Lee Min-ho doesn't think you're 'disgarsting' for drooling on him at night

Each pillowcase size is 69cm x 48cm, and is made with either Sakura cotton (cotton blended) or Tencel Eco.

You can check out other designs they have here.

Now cuddle that pillow and put on your favourite Korean show:

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