Just 21 Times 'Squid Game' Actor Wi Ha Joon Gave Us Subang Bad Boi Vibes & We're Swooning

Why is he always topless? No complaints though.

Cover image via @wi__wi__wi (Instagram)

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People Magazine recently listed Squid Game star Wi Ha Joon as one of the sexiest men on TV, and it's not hard to see why

Image via Soompi

As an annual tradition, the US magazine announced a list on 10 November, showing off 25 of the 'world's sexiest men on TV' this year — with the honoury title going to actor Paul Rudd.

Although many of those who made the cut are from the US, Soompi reported that Wi Ha Joon was the first actor listed and described by People as "totally gorgeous and sweet as dalgona candy".

To celebrate this dalgona daddy's appearance on the list, let's take a look at some of his best moments that have made the Internet swoon, starting with his protective role as a brother to Son Ye-Jin in Something In The Rain:

Protective in character but also respectful off screen

And whatever he doesn't wear makes us do a double take :P

Suffice to say, if you went missing, he would probably be able to hunt down your kidnappers... even if it kills him

'Cause deep down inside, you know he cares

Image via XE News
Image via XE News

Fun fact: He told the Vulture that he was actually concerned about delivering his lines in English, as it was his first time working with non-Korean actors during the VIPs' scenes in Squid Game.

So cute. Well done, anyway! 

And this smile, this smile... hnnghh

Find you a man who looks at texts from you this way:

Okay, that's all. We leave you with this:

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