These Malaysian 'Squid Game' Challenges Are All Too Relatable

'Squid Game' but make it Malaysian.

Cover image via @sudong_channel2021 (TikTok) & Netflix/About Her

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With Squid Game taking the Internet by storm, Malaysians have started recreating their own versions of the challenges seen in the popular Netflix series — mainly the dalgona candy challenge

Several TikTok users shared a struggle we've all probably experienced — gently unwrapping a mosquito coil without breaking it.

Once pecah, that's it. Have to try to use the broken pieces so they don't go to waste.

Meanwhile, this group of cousins had a little fun doing the challenge with achu murukku


Squid game but make it Malaysian (sadly full vid gone) with @anakcikhalim #squidgame #dalgona #netflix #fyp #rose #squidgamenetflix #foryoupage

Pink Soldiers - 23

How many of us usually eat it this way anyway? * raises hand *

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

But the toughest challenge of all goes to this one

Removing road tax stickers in Malaysia is always a true test of patience. 

One wrong move and you're out. 

If you want to try the actual dalgona candy challenge, this small Malaysian business is making and selling them:

Last month, a group of guys went viral for recruiting Squid Game players at Pasar Seni's MRT station:

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