M'sian Duo Makes Dalgona Candy So You Can Do Your Own Squid Game Challenge With Your Kawan

Grab your needles or toothpicks!

Cover image via @dalgonamalaysia (Instagram) & Netflix

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By now, you've probably seen dalgona candy all over your social media feed following Netflix's latest South Korean series, Squid Game

If you've never heard of it or have yet to watch Squid Game, dalgona candy is a traditional South Korean sweet, which was used as part of a challenge in one of the episodes.

It's a honeycomb toffee sold by street vendors who prepare it using a soup ladle. The sugar is melted and formed into a flat, round disc with a shape, like a star, umbrella, circle, or triangle, imprinted in its centre.

Jumping on the trend, a Malaysian mother-daughter duo have started a small online business making and selling these popular candy discs

Jessie Chong's real estate career was put on hold due to the pandemic. To try and make ends meet, she opened a hawker stall selling Western cuisine. But eventually went back to real estate as she preferred the schedule.

With things only slowly picking up now, the 53-year-old decided to use her free time by following her daughter, Elaine's, suggestion to join the Squid Game hype.

Instead of waiting around for appointments, she watched YouTube tutorials on how to make dalgona candy and tried it out

"I went through a lot a lot of experiments before I started to get the hang of it. The ingredients looked easy, but the process and timing of it takes practice, and I had a lot of failed candies that went to the dustbin," Chong tells SAYS.

Although the Netflix series was what inspired them, she shares that they'd been looking for opportunities to start an online business for quite some time.

Made of sugar, baking soda, olive oil, and sugar powder, the taste of the candy is sweet and crunchy. She adds that it's just overall fun for the Squid Game dalgona candy challenge.

As depicted in the Netflix series, the game is called Ppopgi and it was played by South Korean children in the '60s and '70s.

The aim of the game is that you need to use a needle or toothpick to carve out the centre shape of the candy disc without breaking it.

"Shapes we have at the moment are circle, star, flower, and heart." However, they're working on getting the umbrella shape and a limited amount of dalgona candy round tins just like the ones in Squid Game.

Aside from the candy, they make dalgona milk, and are taking on large custom orders for upcoming events.

If you need a party game, the dalgona candies would be a fun item to bring and see who can remove the shape in the quickest amount of time

Each candy disc is RM6, and if you get a set of four with different shapes, it's RM20

They are doing deliveries to areas in KL and PJ.

To order, just drop them a message on Instagram. Or you can search for DalgonaMalaysia on GrabFood.

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