Malaysian Woman Who Looks Like 'Squid Game' Player 212 Captures The Actress' Attention

Speaking to SAYS, Atty Azni Abu Azal said in jest that her mum has some explaining to do.

Cover image via @amein_nur_iman (TikTok)

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Disclaimer: This story may contain spoilers for the
Squid Game series.

Conventional wisdom suggests that we all have a doppelgänger living somewhere in the world.

Lucky for Atty Azni Abu Azal, she no longer has to look as her doppelgänger is an actress in the hit series Squid Game.

Actress Kim Joo-ryoung (right) and Atty Azni Abu Azal.

Image via Naver & @at_azni (Instagram)

Seremban-born Atty went viral recently after her colleague took a video of her posing like Player 212 Han Mi-nyeo in the South Korean thriller series, portrayed by actress Kim Joo-ryoung

Last week, TikTok user @amein_nur_iman posted a video of Atty holding a star-shaped cut-out to mimic the scene where Han eats a piece of dalgona candy after completing a life-threatening game in the show.

"When your [colleague joined] Squid Game as Player 212," read the caption in the brief 11-second long TikTok.

Within just four days, the video has gone viral with over 3.9 million views.

The resemblance is so uncanny that even it caught actress Kim's attention. The K-drama star reposted the TikTok on her official Instagram account.

Speaking to SAYS, Atty said she has yet to finish watching the series but was shocked to learn how much she resembles Kim

"This all started with my boss. When he was watching the show, he realised that Player 212 looked oddly [similar] to me, from her expression [to] how loud the character is," said the 42-year-old mother of two.

"The next day, he asked all the staff in the office who had watched the show and everyone agreed (that we look alike). My boss was telling (me) that I should have seen all their shocked expressions upon realising (that I look like Player 212). It was like some sort of revelation."

"Bear in mind that I was on leave that day. When I was back the following day, everyone started making a ruckus. That was when I started to look at her pictures on the Internet and her Instagram and I found myself quite shocked too!"

"I told myself, 'My mum got some explaining to do.' (sic) Hahaha," Atty said in an email interview.

She added that she did not expect the actress would repost the TikTok on her profile.

"I didn't expect it at all, we made the video just for fun. I was literally shaking when I found that the actress herself reposted that video," she related.

When asked whether she likes Player 212 so far in the series, she said, "Based on what everyone has told me, I don't think I do"

In the series, Han Mi-nyeo is not a villainous character but she does not hold back from using deceit and other tactics to get herself ahead in the survival game.

Atty — who works at the content department at Sirius, a new local satellite with Direct to Home (DTH) platform — also shared the similarities she thinks she has with Player 212.

"My friends say the way I speak is loud like her. Hahaha," she said, adding that she believes she shares the character's demeanor and expression.

She also said that a day after the video went viral, someone came up to her at a petrol station and asked whether she was the Malaysian woman who looks like Player 212 as seen on TikTok.

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