[VIDEO] Rapid KL Jumps On 'Squid Game' Bandwagon To Promote Their MyRapid Cards

"I thought I could pay for my ticket with slaps. [Imagine] Dato Keramat station to Kelana Jaya: 15 slaps."

Cover image via Rapid KL (Facebook)

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Disclaimer: This story may contain spoilers for the Squid Game series.

The Squid Game hype in Malaysia is strong.

So strong that even Rapid KL has jumped on the craze to promote their services.

On Wednesday, 29 September, the public transport operator shared a video they made based on a popular scene from the Netflix hit series on their Facebook page.

The clip shows two men playing 'ddakji' — a South Korean children's game — at the Merdeka MRT station, taking turns to throw envelopes on the ground in an attempt to flip their opponent's envelope.

As in the show, one of them was in casual clothes while the other was in a suit.

In Squid Game, the unnamed man in the suit — played by K-drama star Gong Yoo — challenges protagonist Seong Gi-Hun to beat him

The loser either has to pay KRW100,000 (RM350) or get slapped by the winner.

Hilariously, Rapid KL also parodied the slapping (they promise it was fake and simply a good camera angle), and instead of handing over the money when his opponent finally wins a round, the man in the suit only gives him RM1.

In the Rapid KL video, the man in the suit then drops a card and leaves mysteriously

The other man picks up the card and sees that the MyRapid card is actually the ominous three-symbol Squid Game invitation.

"Are you still using tokens to ride the train? It's easier to use our card!" says the Rapid KL video caption.

They hope to convince commuters to use their MyRapid smart cards, instead of tokens, when boarding their trains.

The video has garnered over 200,000 views, with netizens appreciating the skit and joking along

"I thought I could pay for my ticket with slaps. [Imagine] Dato Keramat station to Kelana Jaya: 15 slaps," said a Facebook user.

This netizen said, "Give RM100 lah. You already slap him but give only RM1. So poyo (obnoxious)."

Another laughed and said, "He only got RM1? Going to the next station will already be more than RM1."

Watch Rapid KL's video here:

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