YouTuber Claims She Missed Out On Being In 'Squid Game' Because Of Its Strange Job Desc

In a series where a decision between 'yes' and 'no' can determine your fate and fortune, YouTuber Raye Yoo lost her chance to make RM18,850 even before the game began.

Cover image via 레이진 [Raye & Jin] (YouTube) & CNET

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Disclaimer: This story may contain spoilers for the Squid Game series.

Would you say 'Yes' to a job that asks you to wear nothing other than panties and have your nipples thinly covered with stickers?

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If your answer is 'No' to that, you have just missed your chance to be in the world's current hottest series Squid Game

In a recent video, American YouTuber Raye Yoo shared how she missed the chance to be in the South Korean thriller series after she rejected an offer that had a strange job description.

Raye — who is based in South Korea now — said she received a message from a model scout who asked whether she would be interested in playing a role that requires her to be almost naked.

"I got this message that says, 'Hey, we are looking for a model. They are going to be body painted [...] only wear underwear and nipple covers. And you will get paid USD4,500 (about RM18,850) to do it for three days," she said.

"I thought, 'Damn! USD4,500 for three days of work? I could totally do that!'. But the nipple covers and underwear made me very nervous."

She said many of these jobs do not reveal what the project is until they arrive at the film set.

"So, knowing nothing about what was going to be filmed, I declined it because it was kind of embarrassing," she said.

"But now that I know it was for freaking Squid Game, the number one show in the world, that would have been so cool to be a part of it."

The YouTuber said if she is given such an opportunity again, she will not let it pass.

In the video, she showed the scene she would have been in as an extra.

It turns out Raye lost her chance to be in the seventh episode of the series, where several extras are seen in the background wearing body paint. Some of them are in kneeling positions so the VIP characters can use their bodies as leg rests.

Image via Netflix

In the screenshot of the conversation between Raye and the model scout, they promised that her role will not be sexualised as it is "just art".

They also said the role will have no dialogue, which is true in the series.

Earlier, Raye acknowledged the immense popularity of the series, whereby even her parents back in the US are watching it although they hate reading subtitles

The YouTuber from Minnesota also shared that being a foreigner in South Korea — who is also active on social media — they often get approached for modelling, commercial, and acting opportunities. 

"You don't even have to try. People will just send you messages all the time, like, 'Hey, there is this job available. Do you want to do it?'."

Raye, along with her partner Jin, then continues the video by making dalgona, a childhood delicacy that is featured in Squid Game.

Watch the video below:

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