Videos Of Man Recruiting Players For 'Squid Game' At MRT Pasar Seni Go Viral

Let us sign up for Squid Game too!

Cover image via Netflix & @syazwanevans (TikTok)

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Disclaimer: This story may contain spoilers for the
Squid Game series.

Are you having a bad day?

If you do, better to avoid a man in a suit at the Pasar Seni MRT station as viral videos have captured the man playing 'ddakji' with passers-by, just like in the hit series Squid Game.

Last week, several videos of a man playing the South Korean childhood game at Pasar Seni MRT station garnered millions of views on TikTok

In the footage, the man in a black suit — believed to be the person who uploaded the videos, Syazwan Evans — can be seen playing 'ddakji' with commuters waiting for their train.

The objective of the game is to throw a square envelope on the ground and flip over the opponent's envelope.

The childhood game is the first game featured in the global phenomenon thriller series Squid Game, whereby an unnamed character — played by K-drama star Gong Yoo — challenges protagonist Seong Gi-Hun to beat him in 'ddakji'.

Seong wins 100,000 won (about RM355) every time he can flip Gong's character's envelope.

The game is pivotal for Seong as it sets him up in a six-game survival adventure, where he faces life-threatening situations as he watches friends he made along the way die in gory deaths.

Syazwan's Squid Game-inspired TikToks are a tribute to the survival game series. And they resonated with many people around the world!

At the time of writing, one of Syazwan's videos has over 2.7 million views

Many netizens were excited about the video, with many pointing out that Syazwan and the other player forgot the slapping as seen in the series.

However, one netizen said both players should not be slapping each other if none of them could flip the other person's envelope.

Image via TikTok

"This is what happened when you took a movie too [seriously]," one TikTok user commented, while many others asked for the location as they wanted to win some money from the game too.

Image via TikTok

Speaking to SAYS, Syazwan confirmed that the videos were inspired by Squid Game, adding that Gong Yoo's character is his favourite in the series

He said he made the 'ddakji' origamis himself, which he learnt from YouTube.

Syazwan — who is the leader of a local boy group called OVA — said he will be making more Squid Game-inspired videos soon, asking people who like the videos to follow him.

He and his group mates will also be debuting with Big Shot Entertainment in the future. He asks his fans to catch their pre-debut song Over All on YouTube.

Meanwhile, here is another video of Syazwan playing 'ddakji' at the MRT station:


Reply to @amnynys I didn't expect the ending! Have you watch ##SquidGame ?

original sound - Lioncolony

Meanwhile, in South Korea, the robot doll featured in the series had to be removed from a museum after fans found out its real location:

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