[VIDEO] Perodua Myvi Drives Off The Road And Ends Up Stuck On A Slope In KL

The TikTok user who witnessed the incident said that the car did not crash into anything. It just went over a divider and straight up the hill.

Cover image via @tankeryrvoverboost (TikTok)

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A video of a Perodua Myvi that was stuck on a slope by the side of a road recently went viral on TikTok

TikTok user @tankeryrvoverboost uploaded a video yesterday, 21 September, along with a caption that read, "Just happened 25 minutes ago. Saw it in front of my eyes that they went up there. Managed to hold their car, asked them to get out first. Just scared they were going to fall."

In the comments section, the TikTok user who witnessed the incident confirmed that it took place near the Royal Military Police Corps Training Centre (PULAPOT) in Kuala Lumpur.

The clip garnered over 277,500 views and 15,400 likes.

In the video, the car be seen parked at the edge of a slope while a group of men surrounded it

In the comments, someone asked whether the car had crashed into something prior to the incident.

The witness then replied by saying, "Didn't crash into anything, they just went over the divider and straight up the hill."

Image via TikTok

He also noted that all the passengers in the Perodua Myvi were safe and unharmed.

Netizens were amused by the video and joked about how the Perodua Myvi is an impressive vehicle

One person wrote, "Whoever doesn't buy a Myvi is at loss. It's versatile. Okay in the jungle, okay on the highway, okay during a flood. All okay. No need to buy an expensive Raptor. For what? There's Myvi."

Image via TikTok

Another user joked, "A 2020 car. This is what people call a flying car. Myvis never disappoint."

Image via TikTok

"The 'king' defying laws of nature," one netizen commented.

Image via TikTok

Watch the full video here:


Baru jadi 25minit td….depan mata tgk die naik atas tu,sempat pegang kete die,suruh keluar dlu…takut jatuh je…mangsa selamat xde pape….

original sound - tankeryrvoverboost - tankeryrvoverboost

The Perodua Myvi is known as the 'King of the Road' in Malaysia for always enduring the most peculiar situations: