[PHOTOS] Look At 21 Ways Myvi Has Proven Itself An Invincible Legend

Myvi boleh!

Cover image via Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS (Facebook) , Sin Chew Daily , Garage Bawah Tangga (Facebook)

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We've all heard stories about the sheer determination of Myvi drivers who find themselves in the craziest situations, yet somehow emerge relatively unharmed

Flying Myvi, swimming Myvi, teleporting Myvi... Myvi is out to prove its superiority, and don't we know it!

Here are 21 times the Myvi surpassed itself:

I. Myvi is Malaysia's first flying car

This one 'flew' right across a 50m-wide drain.

2. Myvi can perform acrobatic stunts

Image via RedChili21

At least, this one tried to do a front flip.

3. Myvi wants to be the first teleportation vehicle

Image via China Press

This yellow Myvi was nearly swallowed by a 3m-wide sinkhole in KL.

4. Myvi behind you? Move out of their way, fast.

It's common knowledge by now.

5. Myvi will confirm win any F1 race

Even sports cars are smart enough to make way for a speeding Myvi behind them.

6. Myvi appears to be built like a military tank

Image via Sin Chew Daily

Nothing, not even a colossal pile of cement bricks, can make a dent on Myvi.

7. Only Myvi can stop a speeding ambulance and flip it right over

Find out what happened here.

8. Myvis are secretly transformers. This one turned into a boat.

Kinda cool though.

9. Myvi doesn't even need to transform into a boat, they are the boat

Water mode activated. 

Watch this Myvi drive through a flood.

10. Why stop at roads and ponds? Myvi can drive on train tracks too!

Myvi is the little car that could.

11. Myvi is out to conquer all other vehicles, regardless of size

Myvi showing 'em who's boss.

12. Myvi can replace lorries in delivering furniture

When you order a sofa online and this is how it arrives.

13. This Myvi aspires to be a paddy field tractor

Swapping out city life with the farming life.

14. Myvi can staircase surf like a pro

They sure know how to make a grand entrance.

15. Myvi's favourite pastime is mud-wrestling

Here is Malaysia's own live-action remake of Cars, starring Myvi as Lightning McKing.

16. Myvi can fall in love and marry another Myvi

Image via

They'll be an unstoppable duo. A true match made in Perodua.

17. Myvi wreaks havoc when hangry

This is not a drive by, ay, ay, aiya.

18. Myvi also needs to use the bathroom, okay?

This was probably a very long bathroom break.

19. Myvi is small enough to avoid paying toll

This Myvi probably didn't have a SmartTAG, and decided to squeeze through the side of the boom gate.

20. This Myvi drove on the wrong side of the road

It was speeding down the opposite side of the New Pantai Expressway (NPE).

21. Myvi can find a way to fit into any tight space

Don't worry, Myvi will also find a way to drive out of that spot.

May the best Myvi win

Myvi is invincible. Nothing it does should surprise you anymore.

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