Woman Turns Her Myvi Into A 'Campervan' For Less Than RM500

If other cars say "cannot", Myvi will always say "can".

Cover image via Aceyie Channel/YouTube

Farah Nabilah is living the camper dream in none other than her trusty Myvi

Wanting to take a solo trip around Malaysia but unable to afford her own van, Farah decided to transform her Myvi into her very own 'campervan'!

In an interview with SAYS, Farah shared that she started her 10-day trip from Melaka. Then headed to KL, Perak, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, and Selangor, before heading back to Melaka.

Along the way, she'd stop by paid campsites or ask permission to park at private properties that have toilets provided. 

"I love going to beautiful beaches and islands. On this road trip, I included Pulau Perhentian as one of my destinations and I also visited my friend's kampung at Batu Kurau where we enjoyed eating durian," she said.

Her 'camperMyvi' transformation cost her less than RM500 to set up

Inspired by her friend Asri Nawawi, who turned his Kancil into a camper car, Farah sought advice and decided to turn her Myvi into a simpler version.

"It's not really a big modification. I wanted it to be simple, easy, and portable so that whenever I drive my car, it still looks like it's in its original form. Only when I park, then I can set it up as a camper."

In a video interview with Aceyie Channel, Farah shows how she sets up her portable bed and table.

She uses foldable plywood as the base of her bed and places a light mattress on top of it

Under the base in the car boot, she keeps a make-shift table, which she uses for cooking, eating, and placing other items like a mini fan.

The foldable table can be set up in a way that it can be supported by the edge of the car boot.

As for her future adventures, Farah hopes to be able to go on a road trip around Sabah one day. Inspiring!

You can watch a short video of her with her camperMyvi here:

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When other cars say "cannot", Myvi says "can":