Couple Buys Kancil For RM1,500 And Drives It All The Way To The Border Of China

They've been documenting their journey through Thailand and Laos.

Cover image via Azman Ali/Facebook

It's nice to spot nostalgic cars around us, especially when 'newer' vehicles in Malaysia constantly steal the spotlight *ahem Myvi, I'm lookin' at 'chu*

Last week, a Malaysian couple set off in their Perodua Kancil to make the road trip of a lifetime.

In a series of Facebook posts, Azman Ali shared their journey, driving through villages accompanied with their trusty ol' turquoise car.

The couple drove through Thailand, Laos, and have just reached China - all in their humble Kancil that was bought at only RM1,500

"Thank god, the car I bought for RM1,500 is still holding on even after driving it for 1,500 kilometres in two days,” Azman wrote on Facebook, according to Malay Mail.

The pair even made matching long-sleeved tops to commemorate their trip

Photos and videos showed them enjoying gorgeous sceneries along the way, while sharing their cooking adventures on the road

Posted by Azman Ali II on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

On Wednesday, 4 December, the duo reached the border of China

But they were apparently not allowed to enter the country, so they are heading back to further explore Laos.

Move aside, Myvi. You know what they say about an oldie but goodie. :p

Read Azman's Facebook post below:

Hari pertama dan kedua coupleride 2019 Salam overlander. Perancangan awal kembara aku tahun ni ialah dengan kapcai,(...

Posted by Azman Ali II on Saturday, November 30, 2019

No hate for Myvis though. Their drivers can be quite a feisty and determined bunch:

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