Watch This Myvi Drive Through A Flood While Other Vehicles Barely Moved

"The power of Myvi."

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Everyone's favourite car brand strikes again!

Siakap Keli posted a Facebook video on 23 July highlighting the sheer determination and carefree nature of a certain group of drivers in Malaysia.

"The power of Myvi," the caption read.

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The post has garnered over 5,200 shares at the time of writing.

In the 32 second-long video, several vehicles can be seen stuck in a flash flood following a heavy downpour

However, one small but mighty car managed to make it out of the sticky situation rather nonchalantly.

Image via Facebook

Despite being half-submerged in the water, the Myvi driver drove through the flood without hesitation

Image via Facebook

The car can be seen nearly drifting off with the current while trying to make a left turn, but the driver steers the car with enough force that it makes it just in time.

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A power move.

During the time it takes for the Myvi to make it out of the main road and speed off, a nearby lorry has barely moved

Image via Facebook

While it is unclear when the incident took place, a street sign in the video indicates that it occurred in Persiaran Anggun, Rawang.

Watch the full video here:

Myvi drivers be like:

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