Rapper Rich Brian Missed Indonesian Food So Go-Jek Delivered It To Him In NY

We just hope the food was not cold by the time Brian got it.

Cover image via 88rising/twitter (edited)

Indonesian rapper Rich Brian, who recently returned to New York City, took to Twitter to say he was missing home-cooked food

The rapper was in his home country earlier this month where he met Indonesian President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo on 7 July at Bogor Palace.

After Brian returned to New York City shortly thereafter, he tweeted on 21 July to express how he was already missing Indonesian food.

Immediately after Brian's tweet went out, Indonesia's most identifiable delivery service provider Go-Jek replied to his Tweet:

"DM us your address, and let us know what you miss eating," Go-Jek said.

Thinking it was a mere joke, Brian replied that while he has sent them a DM, he reminded Go-Jek that he is actually in New York.

However, Go-Jek replied: "No problem, there is always a way, bro."

NY is over 15,000km away from Indonesia.

Just how was Go-Jek going to deliver on their promise to Brian?

Turns out, they actually did.

Two days later on 23 July, Brian found himself opening the door of his apartment in New York to a Go-Jek deliveryman, with food in hand.

The rapper's label 88rising shared a photo of a man dressed in Go-Jek uniform, with a caption that clearly demonstrated how shocked they were:

While we have no clue how Go-Jek did it, it seems Go-Jek wasn't really serious about it, although it happened nonetheless:

In a reply to a twitter handle @GNFI (Good News From Indonesia) asking if this was real, the food delivery service said: "Yooo… We didn’t think this was going to come true. We were just exchanging tweets at first, but eh, it became true!"

Now whether it was a marketing gimmick or something that Go-Jek did by going out of their way, the gesture sure is a good one

Image via gfycat

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