Orang Asli Students Travelled 200KM To Attend And Dance At Their Beloved Teacher's Wedding

"I looked up to the heavens, I literally told God to make it happen somehow. As usual, he did!"

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In May, Samuel Isaiah made waves on social media for creating a fun classroom environment for his Orang Asli students at Sekolah Kebangsaan Runchang in Pahang

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He was praised for using musical instruments in the classroom and bringing classes outdoors in order to make his students more interested in their English lessons.

He even gained funding from for each student to receive a PC and tablet to study with.

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In a recent post, Samuel shared how 100 of his Orang Asli students made an effort to show them how much they care for him in return.

They travelled 200km to be a part of his wedding day in 2017.

"My 100 Orang Asli children and my Indian wedding!" @Samuel_isaiah87 tweeted on 22 July.

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Samuel revealed that the children were "the most excited" when they heard the news that their Santa Tuha (old man) was getting married.

"In no time almost every child in the school wanted to be at the wedding!"

After the news of his impending nuptials "spread like wildfire", the students "made up their minds" that they would attend their beloved teacher's big day.

He expressed gratitude that his wife knew how important the children were to him and accepted his "huge baggage of hundreds of children".

Despite wanting all his students in attendance at his wedding, Samuel was concerned with the logistical aspects and expenses.

"The distance was 200km plus for a return trip. I can't get them all to my wedding, so which tiny hearts to break? Would their parents be okay with it? The cost was going to be insane."

"Staying true to my nature of not giving a damn, I did it anyway!" he added.

Thanks to a fellow teacher donating RM300 to the cause, transporting the students cost RM700. He managed to book one bus to transport 50 students.

However, it became more difficult when more children expressed their desire to attend the special occasion.

"I looked up to the heavens, I literally told God to make it happen somehow. As usual, he did!" Samuel added.

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Several teachers who were attending the wedding were able to bring some of the children along, while the secondary school children hopped on buses themselves.

During the ceremony, Samuel and his bride almost teared up when they saw the students welcoming them with open arms.

As a treat for their beloved teacher and his wedding guests, several Orang Asli students performed a traditional dance

"Through the hustle and bustle, the blaring music, and the loud laughter, there was pin-drop silence when an unfamiliar tribal music started playing," Samuel tweeted.

"Everyone turned their heads towards a group of spirited and fierce looking Orang Asli children, hitting their bamboo sticks together as they marched rhythmically whilst making their entrance," he added.

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The groom shared that his children "stole the show" and that he was beaming with pride at their "powerful and moving" performance.

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Samuel ended the Twitter thread by expressing his gratitude towards his students.

"I will never ever forget my children as my life has not been the same since. My heroes have impacted my life in more ways imaginable and I am grateful," he wrote.

"Thank you, children. I love you."

Congratulations on tying the knot Cikgu Samuel, and keep on inspiring your students!

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