Form 5 Students Stage Fake Fight In Adorable Birthday Surprise For Their Beloved Teacher

Puan Nor was mostly concerned about her students getting expelled because of the 'fight'.

Cover image via Twitter @ilhan_zakaria

The bond between teachers and students is a very special one, as this viral video will show

Twitter user @ilhan_zakaria uploaded a video on Thursday, 11 July, showing the extent adoring students will go to in order to surprise a beloved teacher.

"Happy birthday teacher. We all love you," the tweet read. It has over 21,000 retweets at the time of writing.

The video starts with two students, seated side by side, shoving each other in an apparent argument

The Form Five students decided to take the fight outside, which resulted in the panicked teacher chasing after them while screaming "Eh!"

She can be seen pushing herself between the two 'fighters' in an effort to break them up.

Luckily for the teacher - who is endearingly called 'Puan Nor' by her students - it was all a setup to surprise her

Puan Nor can be heard chastising her students in the video, "I was so scared you would get expelled!".

In an interview with Harian Metro, Ilhan Danish Zakaria said that the class treats Puan Nor as their own mother.

"She has a loving personality, loves to care for others, and treats us like her own children, which is why we planned to celebrate her birthday."

The adorable video has resulted in a few tears from strangers and comments on the great acting skills

"The fact that she hugged the student after knowing the real thing, surely shows how she really assumes all her students like her own children," one tweet by a netizen read.

Another netizen said, "I watched this and laughed until I cried. Why cried? Because the instinct and motherly instincts of a teacher shines through."

"Now why is there dust in my eyes suddenly," a netizen joked.

Watch the whole act go down below:

Malaysia is not short of amazing and inspiring teachers:

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