Malaysian Teacher Who Inspired A Movie Partners With Samsung To Help Rural Schools

Cheryl Fernando inspired the nation and defied the odds.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Samsung.

The Samsung Smart School was launched in Malaysia in 2015 and continues to support students across the nation

The initiative has reached over 1.4 million students from 93 countries to date.

By providing a fun, interactive learning environment, Samsung is committed to improving the use of IT technology in education and reaching out to low income communities.

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Samsung is partnering with inspiring Malaysians who have broken boundaries and helped the nation move forward

Their latest video features Cheryl Fernando, a local teacher who changed the lives of her students in a rural school in Kedah.

A true underdog story, Cheryl was tasked with teaching 32 14-year old children, all of whom could neither read nor write a single word in English. Coming from low-income households, the kids didn't have dreams of furthering their education. For them, dropping out of school to pick up scrap metal was all they knew.

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Through education and simple technology, Cheryl opened these kids up to a world of possibilities.

In 2015, Cheryl coached the kids in choral speaking. Against all odds, the team finished with the 5th place at district level, making national headlines and inspiring the movie 'Adiwiraku' which was released in March 2017.

Watch the story of how Cheryl Fernando changed the lives of her rural students through education:

Cheryl's inspiring story about the power of education proves that every child has the potential to succeed, given the proper tools and support

That's why Samsung Smart School is committed to providing digital education to low-income communities that often get overlooked. 

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The interactive classroom has benefits for students, teachers, and the community at large:
- Closes the gap between underserved communities so the new generation grows up tech-savvy
- Real-time sharing through tablets and PCs enable open communications and engaging learning environments
- Team activities, group assignments, and group discussions are supported seamlessly via tablets, helping create a spirit of teamwork among students
- Students can download the curriculum, textbooks and various materials (documents, photos, voice, recordings, videos, apps) for each course, which ultimately help improve learning efficiency

The Smart School programme does more than just teach, it also strives to inspire. Find out more about the initiative here!

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