Datuk Sheikh Muszaphar And Samsung To Provide Digital Education For Underprivileged Kids

"It just got tougher and tougher... I gave up a thousand times in my head."

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The Samsung Smart School initiative has supported over 1.4 million students across 93 countries, and continues to grow

By providing a fun, interactive learning environment, Samsung is committed to improving the use of IT technology in education and reaching out to low income communities.

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In collaboration with Samsung Smart School, Datuk Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is sharing his inspiring story about how he found his path to becoming an astronaut

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From the age of 7, Datuk Sheikh and his friends all had the same dream - to be astronauts. But as they became teenagers, his friends grew out of their shared dream. Eventually Datuk Sheikh was the last man standing. Why? Because science was difficult to learn, making the dream seem impossible.

But Datuk Sheikh persevered and did it anyway. 

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While Datuk Sheikh would go on to become Malaysia's first astronaut, his journey wasn't without ups and downs.

Watch the story of how he pursued his impossible dream:

Datuk Sheikh inspired the nation when he took to the skies, proving that we can do anything we put our minds to

And to ensure children never give up on their dreams, Samsung Smart School is nurturing young talent through digital education.

The initiative has supported over 3,000 schools around the world, providing a fun, interactive learning environment for more than 1.4 million children. Focusing on low income communities, Samsung's goal is to help students enjoy quality digital education.

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The Smart School programme does more than just teach, it also strives to inspire

The programme is really cool and provides digital education solutions to make learning exciting for kids, as well as gives teachers an efficient way to reach these young minds.

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Check out some of the benefits of this innovative, interactive classroom:
- Closes the gap between underserved communities so the new generation grows up tech-savvy
- Real-time sharing through tablets and PCs enable open communications and engaging learning environments
- Team activities, group assignments, and group discussions are supported seamlessly via tablets, helping create a spirit of teamwork among students
- Students can download the curriculum, textbooks and various materials (documents, photos, voice, recordings, videos, apps) for each course, which ultimately help improve learning efficiency

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