Game Developer Shawn Beck Partners With Samsung To Give Digital Education To Kids In Need

“It made me realize what I wanted to do, but it also made me realize... how much people didn’t want me to do it.”

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The Samsung Smart School programme uses smart devices, content and solution, and teacher training to encourage creative learning

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The benefits of the programme include interactive classes, collaborative activities, motivational environments, and digital content. Samsung devices like tablets and PCs are used for real-time sharing, team activities, group assignments as well as downloadable curriculum and textbooks, which enables open communication and improves learning efficiency. 

In collaboration with Samsung Smart School, Shawn Beck is sharing his story about the struggles he faced for having an unconventional job

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Shawn Beck is a Malaysian indie game developer and has developed many notable indie games like Roadkill, Super SteamPuff, Manual Overload and more. Roadkill was even ranked #8 in Indie vs PewDiePie on Game Jolt.

From a young age, he was told by his teachers and friends that game developing is not a real job.

With his first two games failing to exceed expectations, it only proved his critics right. But he didn't let that stop him.

Watch the story of how he didn't give up on his dream despite all odds:

Shawn Beck shows us that with determination, we can all break free from creative restrictions

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The initiative supports over 3,200 schools across 93 countries, reaching out to over 1.4 million students, and provides them with a smarter and more interesting learning environment.

Focusing on low-income communities, the Samsung Smart School aims to improve education with the use of IT technology.

With the short attention span of kids, digital learning could better nurture a kid's talent in a way that is fun for both the student and the teacher.  

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