Find Out How You Can Easily Become A Homeowner With S P Setia's Deferred Payment Scheme

You can finally own your dream home!

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How would you feel living in a luxurious house with water fountains surrounding the compound?

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What if you found out that you could get your dream house in a hassle-free manner? Anyone would be happy to hear that news!

With Setia SEAL, their Simplified & Enhanced Deferred Payment Scheme, you'll be able to come home to a brand new Setia house

Now is the best time to own a Setia home because for every project, a lucky buyer will win a 31.8% cash rebate!*

Imagine waking up and looking out to this gorgeous scenery at Setia Eco Glades

Or perhaps you fancy taking a relaxing walk by this Elizabeth Falls waterfall located at Setia Eco Park, a development which features specially created tropical landscape with a diversity of flora and fauna

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Unfortunately, such luxury houses can break the bank. If you're wondering how to obtain such a huge loan for your fantasy home, this is where S P Setia's SEAL comes into play!

How does SEAL work?

It is essentially a deferred payment scheme where up to 30% of property price is taken off. So if the bank only approves a 60% loan, Setia will cover the other 30% while you pay them back in 5 years with 0% interest!

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This means that owning a home will be a breeze

This scheme is beneficial particularly for:

  • Purchasers who can’t get a 90% loan approved
  • Upgraders who wish to access their EPF money for the purchase
  • Upgraders who are in the midst of selling their current house and purchasing a new one

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Here are some other important facts to note:

  • No hidden costs - Setia settles all the legal feels, disbursements, and stamp duty on the Security Documents for SEAL
  • Easy to apply - Just submit the form at any of Setia's Sales Galleries
  • It's yours for the scheme tenure - During the scheme payment tenure, you’re not allowed to sell or transfer the property
  • For all applicable projects - Choose houses from any of Setia's completed commercial or residential projects
  • Additional incentive - If you choose to not opt for SEAL, Setia offers  a 2% rebate if you have a 90% loan, and a 1% rebate if you have a 80% loan or more
Watch Setia's video below to see how you can get your dream property now via SEAL:

*Until 31 December 2018. Terms and Conditions apply.

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