These Apples Are Popping Up All Around KL. Here's What It's All About

Join #TheAppleHunt to win food, fitness, and movie vouchers!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by #TheAppleHunt.

Have you been seeing apples pop up all around KL recently?

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You may have seen it on the road, in the mall, at the movies, or even heard about it on your favourite radio station.

In fact, your social media feed may have been flooded with mentions of these mysterious apples

All these 'apple sightings' are part of a bigger health campaign called #TheAppleHunt

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#TheAppleHunt wants to help Malaysians become more aware of their lifestyle choices, whether it's where they eat, how they spend their leisure time, or where they shop for their daily needs. With this campaign, Malaysians who discover these apples will keep getting rewarded every time they choose to be healthy!

All you have to do when you spot one of the apples is to scan it using your phone's QR scanner app, and you'll get instant access to practical health tips and exclusive prizes

Image via #TheAppleHunt

You'll be able to find these apples at places like Boost Juice, Jaya Grocer, TGV Cinemas, Fitness First, Guardian, or even when you order Dahmakan. Plus, you'll get to enjoy amazing prizes from all these brand partners.

Here are some of the prizes up for grabs:

  • Jaya Grocer vouchers worth up to RM35,000
  • 280,000 AirAsia Big Points
  • Guardian cash vouchers of up to RM35,000
  • Fitness First passes worth over RM70,000
  • Boost Juice cash vouchers of RM7,000
  • Dahmakan credits of up to RM17,500
  • 600 Free TGV Cinemas movie tickets

The cool thing is that the more apples you find, the more prizes you win, so keep your eyes "peeled" and start scanning away!

Image via #TheAppleHunt

To find out more about #TheAppleHunt, visit their website today

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