[VIDEO] Myvi With OKU-Friendly Seat Is The Most Wholesome Car Modification You'll Ever See

The post has gone viral with over 9,500 shares.

Cover image via Syah Autoparts Kempas Utama/Facebook

We have seen many variations of modified Perodua Myvis throughout the years

Whether it is a Myvi with scissor doors or car hood that opens sideways, we Malaysians have always loved to see what bizarre modifications Myvi enthusiasts can come up with.

However, this modification is going viral for making cars more accessible for disabled passengers

A post showing a Perodua Myvi with a swivel seat designed for physically disabled passengers is going viral on Facebook.

The post was uploaded by Syah Autoparts Kempas Utama, who identified himself to SAYS as Maman.

A one-minute long video attached to the post shows a mechanic trying out the seat as it slowly moves out of the vehicle, controlled with buttons found on the side of the seat.

Maman told SAYS that he installed the seat for a customer who needed this technology to make it easier for their disabled family member to get in and out of the vehicle

"We are a company that provides half-cut parts from Japan. Thus, the seat system you see came ready in a box," Maman explained when asked how he and his team made the project possible.

"We only made the wiring and installed the seat into the old model Myvi."

He added that the turnout swivel seat system was shipped from Japan, a part that it is difficult to find in the Malaysian market.

Maman said his motivation for the project stemmed from his eagerness to help the family

The mechanic with over seven years of experience said he charged RM1,400 for the seat and its installation.

At the time of writing, the post has gone viral with 9,500 shares

Hundreds of netizens flooded the comment section to express their awe and amazement over the installation. A sizable number of netizens were also spotted asking for the price.

"Buy this for grandma," commented a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"I am so proud of Malaysians' creativity. Keep up the good job, bro!" lauded another person.

Image via Facebook

"Creative! You should go register for a copyright. Many people will now copy your work," one netizen said in jest. 

"Wishing you more success to come."

Image via Facebook

Maman's workshop is located at:
3, Jalan Kempas Utama 3/5, Taman Kempas Utama, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor. 

For more information, you can reach out to him on his Facebook here.

See Maman's full post below:

In August last year, a video of a Myvi with scissor doors went viral:

Myvi drivers are always a source for entertainment in Malaysia:

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