This Uncle Who Pimped His Myvi With Scissor Doors Is The Real Meaning Of "Treat Yourself"

Malaysian Lambo.

Cover image via Twitter @fienaznana

Sometimes you just gotta do something nice for yourself.

While some people treat themselves to an ice cream, this uncle pimped up his Myvi with scissor doors – the type you find on a Lamborghini.

Twitter user @fienaznana shared a video of her asking the driver to show off his ride at a petrol station.

The tweet has received over 34,000 retweets since Saturday, 3 August.

Here he is looking mighty pleased with his revamped Perodua

The door opens upwards instead of outwards, a trademark of a typical Lambo.

More than just being a practical way for drivers to get out of tight parking spaces, scissor doors are also a way to look cool as they alight from the vehicle.

Naturally, the uncle received nothing but praise from the Internet, proving that you don't need a fancy lean machine to leave a mark

"That's just the door, haven't looked below the seat and the back seat for Nitro also."

"After this, Myvi can be brought to Hollywood to be featured 'Fast & Furious' films."

Image via Facebook

"Love live Myvi."

Uncle, you're a legend.

Image via Giphy

You can check out the full video below:

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