Meet 'Mr Trump', A Bull In Kelantan Valued At RM20K And Who Weighs Over A Tonne

Not a cock-and-bull story.

Cover image via NST Online

Recently, an American breed of humped beef cattle caught the public's eye in Kelantan.

Nicknamed 'Mr Trump', after the US President, the American Grey Brahman is valued at RM20,000.

Image via The Sun Daily

Mr Trump was showcased to the public at the Kelantan Farmers, Breeders and Fishermen's Day at Pantai Bisikan Bayu from 3 - 4 August, NST Online reported.

According to Cancun Park farm manager Nasrul Saat, Mr Trump is from Bukit Tunku in Pasir Mas and was brought from the United States through Thailand.

Nasrul shared that Mr Trump weighs over a tonne

"It is the one and only in the country," said Nasrul as quoted by Bernama.

He added that Mr Trump was showcased at the event because they wanted to inform the public that they intend to breed the bull commercially.

Image via NST Online

While speaking about the breeding method, the Cancun Park farm manager revealed that it's a relatively easy process

"The food can be processed through readily available ingredients in villages, including rice straw and chunks produced from cassava, which can be grown at home,” he said

He, however, added that those who are interested to obtain the breed, which is produced through artificial semination, will have to head over to the Kelantan Veterinary Services Department, as his farm does not have the expertise.

According to Nasrul, the cow could grow over one kilogramme a day after 90 days of breeding if it is fed and managed properly.

Mr Trump has been a crowd-puller at the event, which saw over 10,000 visitors including from Terengganu visiting since last week

A 53-year-old visitor, Hussin Samat claimed that he had never seen such a cow up close before.

"I was shocked because I thought it was an elephant," he said, adding that he had only seen the animal on television.

Other than the American Grey Brahman, dozens of other mixed breed cattle, goats, rabbits, deer, and buffaloes were on display. 

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