Cow Surprises University Students By Making A Guest Appearance In Their Lecture

Holy cow!

Cover image via Mumbai Mirror (Edited by SAYS)

Students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-B) in Bombay had a surprise guest when a cow made an appearance in the middle of their lecture on 27 July

A video of the incident was shared on Twitter and has since gone viral.

As students actively avoided the cow, the animal took its time to wander around the classroom, even making its way up the side aisle

According to NDTV, students claim that it was raining heavily when the incident happened, and that the cow might have entered the building for shelter.

However, since the lecture hall was located on the first floor, students were confused as to how the cow managed to make its way upstairs.

"It must have entered through one of the slopes that internally connect the lecture halls on various floors," one student told News 18.

Students and netizens alike were amused over the surprise appearance

Image via SAYS

This is not the first visit IIT-B has had from cattle.

Earlier this month, an intern was severely injured after a bull attacked him outside the institute.

According to India TV News, the intern was admitted to the hospital after receiving several injuries to the abdomen.

Students at IIT Bombay also reportedly complained that cattle had previously entered their hostel rooms.

Check out the full video of the cow 'attending' class below:

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