'Godzilla' Monitor Lizard Goes Viral After It Was Spotted Climbing Into Johor Man's Home

"You might have pet dogs at home but I have a small 'crocodile' here!"

Cover image via Long Cherng Yee/Facebook

A man in Johor was shocked to discover a giant monitor lizard climbing over the front gate of his home yesterday, 1 July

Long Cherng Yee posted photos of the monitor lizard on Facebook, which have since made its rounds on social media.

The post has since received over 2,900 Facebook shares.

The creature was seen chilling on his gate, seemingly taking in its surroundings

Two dogs were seen in a photo presumably puzzled and barking at the gigantic creature.

Image via Long Cherng Yee/Facebook

"You might have pet dogs at home but I have a small 'crocodile' here!" the man wrote in the post

Although it is unclear what had happened to the monitor lizard after it hung out at the gate, Long posted a photo in the comments showing Emergency Medical Rescue Service personnel at the scene.

Meanwhile, the whole situation has left netizens in high spirits

Several jokingly asked the man if he cooked the animal

"Since there's salted chicken, let's have a salted 'lizard'," one person commented.

Image via Facebook

"Cooking curry or steaming?" wrote one netizen.

Image via Facebook

"The end result," wrote another while posting a photo of a bowl of curry.

Image via Facebook

Others even called the creature a mini 'Godzilla'

"That's mini godzilla, you didn't save it!" one person commented.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

While others went as far as to say that the 'dragon' could be bringing the man good luck and wanted to buy a lottery ticket

"Wow... going to be rich," one person wrote.

Image via Facebook

Another netizen typed in numbers while claiming it would hit jackpot.

Image via Facebook
Image via

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