Video Shows A Malaysian Soldier Capturing A King Cobra With His Bare Hands

One of the netizens even called him the "Snake Whisperer".

Cover image via Instagram/Segak Berseragam

A video showing a Malaysian soldier capturing a king cobra with his bare hands has gone viral

On 4 July, Instagram account @segak_berseragam uploaded a minute-long video of a soldier and a king cobra. 

"The snake was not just a snake, it was a king cobra in the middle of the road. The soldier was not just a soldier, it was a soldier of many skills," said the Instagram post.

Image via Instagram

In the video, the man can be seen in his uniform just casually standing in front of the king cobra

He slowly approached the cobra by bending forward while lifting his hand high in the air.

As he bent even closer to the snake, his hand reached the top of the cobra's head which was not within its eye view.

Image via Instagram

Once the soldier reached the snake's blind spot, he slowly pressed its head to the ground

Before the cobra was able to react, it was pinned down onto the ground by the soldier. 

The soldier clasped the snake's mouth with his hands as it tried to wriggle away.

After finally grabbing hold of the snake, the soldier gave a wide smile, indicating that the battle has been won.

Image via Instagram

At the time of writing, the video has received over 38,000 views and 200 comments

The video was also shared on Reddit and has since garnered over 550 upvotes and 80 comments.

Many netizens praised the soldier for his bravery and the way he approached the snake with one user even calling him the 'Snake Whisperer'.

A Reddit user also said that he would have run faster than Usain Bolt if he had caught sight of the cobra. 

Well, this "Snake Whisperer" definitely gets us thumbs up from us for sure!

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