[VIDEO] This Nifty Travel Hack Using A Pillowcase Will Let You Carry More Stuff On Flights

BRB, booking a flight ticket just to test this out.

Cover image via @nolimitua (TikTok)

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A woman recently went viral on TikTok after she shared a nifty travel hack that will allow you to bring more items on your flight without paying extra luggage fees

On Sunday, 19 September, TikTok user @nolimitua, or Anya Lakovlieva, uploaded a video that garnered over 11 million views and 527,500 likes.

In the clip, she wrote, "The best travel hack ever!"

Claiming that pillows get to 'fly' for free, the user demonstrated how she filled a pillowcase with clothes before zipping it up and bringing it with her to the airport

At the airport, she placed the pillow on top of her luggage.

She then signalled to the person recording her to stay quiet and keep her secret.

After that, she showed a clip of herself holding the pillowcase filled with clothes on the flight and winked at the camera, implying that the trick worked.

In the comments, the woman noted that she has successfully tried the hack multiple times

She wrote, "Six times tested and worked so far."

Other users also said that it has worked for them too.

One person wrote, "Been doing this for 20 years. It has never ever failed me, not once. And I've packed it in front of them many times."

Image via TikTok

Another person commented, "I did it! And it worked."

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, other netizens were impressed by the video

One person wrote, "This is the smartest thing I've ever seen."

Image via TikTok

"As a traveller, I love this idea!" read another comment.

Image via TikTok

Another user joked, "I'm gonna take advantage until they start charging the pillow."

Image via TikTok

Would you try this out? Let us know what you think!

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